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Week 11 Michel de Montaigne (DB)

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Week 11 Michel de Montaigne (DB)
Reading ‘On Cannibals’

A short overview is available here

Wider reading

Corrigan, T. (2011) The Essay Film: from Montaigne, after Marker Oxford: Oxford University Press

De Certeau, M. (1997) Heterologies: discourse on the other Minnesota: University of Minneapolis Press; see ‘Montaigne’s ‘Of Cannibals’: The Savage ‘I’’

Frame, D. (1958) The Complete Works of Montaigne: essays, travel journal, letters London: Hamish Hamilton

Frame, D. (1965) Montaigne: a biography London: Hamish Hamilton

Grady, H. (2002) Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and Montaigne: power and subjectivity from Richard II to Hamlet Oxford: Oxford University Press

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Rendall, S. (1992) Distinguo: reading Montaigne differently Oxford: Clarendon Press

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