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Week 9 Machiavelli’s The Prince (TN)

Machiavelli. 1961. The Prince. Penguin Books.

Wider Reading

Benner, Erica. 2013. Machiavelli's Prince: A New Reading. Oxford University Press.

Berlin, Isaiah. 1979. Against the Current: Essays in the History of Ideas. Hogarth Press. [Ch on 'The Originality of Machiavelli']

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Skinner, Quentin. 2000. Machiavelli: A Very Short introduction. Oxford University Press.

Week 10 Sir Francis Bacon: Ensuring the future security of the State: knowledge is power (DB)

selections from Novum Organum and the essays

Wider reading

Bacon, F. (2013) Physical and Metaphysical Works: including the Advancement of Learning and Novum Organum London: ULAN Press

Bird, A. Philosophy of Science London UCL Press

Couvalis, G. (1997) The Philosophy of Science London: SAGE

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Urbach, P. (1986) Francis Bacon’s Philosophy of Science: an account and a reappraisal La Salle: Open Court

Vickers, B. (1968) Francis Bacon and Renaissance Prose London: Thames & Hudson

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