Module 3 preparation of business plan

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Basic concepts related to starting and managing an agriculture enterprise with focus on preparing business plans, analyzed the root cause of a problem arise in the agricultural enterprise.

This module aims to:

1. Familiarization of business planning
2. Validate concepts on agricultural entrepreneurship through interaction with farmers or entrepreneurs.

It is important that you, as students, understand how farmers prepare a business plan and will become a business planner. Set up of an enterprise is not easy. It is a well organize, open and it is well documented. Business plan can be smart to persuade the investor to invest. As you finish this module, you are expected to establish a concrete understanding in planning and managing of an enterprise demands proper assessment of the resources, skills, interest and attitudes of the enterprise by a very promising career option that can prepare a person for a prosperous future and a nation that is progressive and prosperous as well.

Hence, this module will introduce you to an in-depth discussion of the following lessons:

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True or False. Read and analyze the statements below. Write TRUE if you believe that the statement is correct, and FALSE if incorrect.
_______1. A product is defined as anything offered for sale, attention and acquisition

_______2. Price is the amount, usually of money, that is offered or asked for when something is bought or sold

_______3. Promotion, something such as an advertising campaign that is
design endorse a product, cause, or organization

______4. Place is an area designed to accommodate businesses and light industry, with large numbers of companies all grouped together.

_______5. Business plan is a plan that sets out the future strategy and
financial development of a business, usually covering a period of several years.

_______6. Case study is refers to an analysis of a particular case or situation used as a basis for drawing conclusions in similar situations

_______7. Promotion strategy is devised plan of action to achieve a goal, or the art of developing or carrying out such a plan

_______8. Marketing mix a mixture of marketing techniques such as pricing, packaging, and advertising used to promote the sale of a product

_______9. Branding refers to the identification of product with manufacturer, the use of advertising, distinctive design, and other means to make consumers associate a specific product with a specific manufacturer

_______10. Promotions also keep regulate the level and timing of demand.

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