Module 1 Section 2 Assignment – Interviewing a character

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Module 1 Section 2 Assignment – Interviewing a character
Once you have read all of the material for this section, you will be ready to start drawing up some notes for this assignment. You will need to think about what led to the League of Nations being formed. Who got to make the decisions around how the League was formed and how it would operate? How did all the parties involved feel about it? Which countries felt that they did not get a good deal?
You will interview one of the following characters from the course. Make sure that you review the profiles for these characters when you make your decision.

Enrico Piccinini
Italian Euro-Communist; newspaper journalist, a reporter for Paduva newspaper

Janine Garceau
French produce farmer

Ikuko Tanaka
Japanese businessperson; works for a drug company in Kyoto that is exporting traditional oriental medicines to North America.

William Brown
Scottish international businessperson; engineer, sells machine parts in former Communist world

Five Assigned Questions

  1. Did the formation of the League of Nations have anything to do with the rise of fascism in Europe after WWI? Why or why not?

  1. In what ways might the mandate system be viewed as undemocratic?

  1. What was the significance of America refusing to join the League?

  1. Article 11 of the League’s Covenant stated: "Any war or threat of war is a matter of concern to the whole League and the League shall take action that may safeguard peace." In what cases did the League fail to hold to this covenant?

  1. Britain went from being a creditor during the war, to being a debtor after the war. What might this have had to do with its role in the League of Nations?

Crafting your own questions
The above five questions will lead to some interesting answers, but they do not come close to dealing with everything. To this end, you will develop five questions with your character in mind.

  • Make sure that your questions are open-ended. Avoid any question that could lead to a yes/no answer.

  • Keep your questions as straightforward as possible. Ask for specific details.

  • Stay focused. This is about The League of Nations and the shortcomings that led to its failure.

  • Keep in mind that your purpose is to demonstrate that you understand the topic and that you can show it from a particular viewpoint. Be sure to create a complete picture.

You can choose to ask the questions in any order that you deem effective. You may intersperse the assigned questions with your own.

Your questions will be marked out of 10. Two marks per question.
The Interview
Choose from one of the following options:
Option A
You will submit your interview as a transcript. It should read the way that you might see an interview in a magazine or online publication. A short question will be given, followed by a detailed answer. You will not include verbal filler such as “um” and “uh.” You may make it realistic by providing cues as to interactions or body language by setting this off in square brackets; e.g. [both laugh], [strokes chin], [pauses].
Indicate who is speaking, set off questions in bold, and leave a space after each question is asked.
Option B
Conduct your interview using an audio or video recording. If it is an audio recording, you may play the roles of both interviewer and interviewee. Just make sure to keep them clear. If you choose to create a video recording, it is best to choose someone to play the role of interviewer. You will give that person the questions to read to you. You may read your answers from notecards, but you should not be reading verbatim from a transcript. This interview will sound less formal than one that is transcribed. Since the upload limit on this assignment is 2 MB, you might need to upload your assignment to another website of file-hosting site. Discuss this with your teacher.
Option C
If possible, you may be able to conduct your interview with your teacher. Make an appointment to meet with your teacher, provide a set of questions, then have your teacher interview you in character. You may read from notecards but should not use a transcript.
The interview will be marked out of 24 according to the Oral Communication Rubric. (6x4=24)
The reflective paragraph
You will submit a paragraph in which you reflect upon the interview. Ask yourself how it went. Is there anything that you could have done to make it go better? What did you see as the limitations of your character? Are there any places where you personally disagree with what your character said? Are there any areas remaining that you feel you should fill in?
Your paragraph will be properly formatted and will be marked according to the Written Response Rubric.

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