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By Galina A. Belova, Amanda-Alice Maravelia, Edward Loring

When an egyptological session was officially incorporated for the first time in the agenda of the European Association of Archaeology, during the EAA 7th Conference in Esslingen (Germany, 2001) and subsequently during the EAA 8th Conference in Thessaloniki (Hel­las, 2002), we were not expecting such a warm welcome even by non Egyptologists. This year’s tripartite session endeavors to continue and stabilize this short tradition, which tries focusing on European Egyptology. We hope to explore and discuss various themes, which should be mutually interesting both for Egyptologists and for specialists in Euro­pean Archaeology, as well as to Egyptologists originating from other scientific disci­pli­nes (Astronomy, In­for­matics, Architecture, Geography & Surveying, & c.). Hence it will be divided in three sub-ses­si­ons, as follows, where all interested colleagues are welcome to participate.

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