Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Bowmaster: "I've often wondered what would have happened if TVA hadn't come in. We wouldn't have gotten this many benefits, I'm sure, as we're getting now."

Talbert: What they did was incredible, a sense of fulfillment and a sense of identity and a sense of simply doing good. Now, it's true that nowadays, it's easy to think of TVA as simply the federal government's largest public power company. But on the other hand, I think that legacy of the 30s, that decentralization, that autonomy from Washington D.C., that identification with a particular region, that sense of multiple missions, continues to this very day."

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NARRATOR: The Valley of the Tennessee was once a place where people feared nature. But now, its placid lakes are a place of beauty and serenity. TVA accomplished more than anyone thought possible. It not only conquered the ferocious spirit of an untamed river. It brought hope to a place that knew only despair.

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