Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Talbert: "The president of the United States is the judge and the prosecutor and the jury in this case and the press is waiting outside getting transcripts of every page. Starts on March 11, 1938. Morgan says I'll have nothing to do with this. I've been calling for a congressional investigation. And then he says I'm not prepared, you didn't tell me to bring my stuff. Roosevelt gives him a week. Morgan comes back and says: this is improper. We need a congressional investigation. Roosevelt says I'll give you until Monday and that's it. Morgan comes in on Monday and says: Mr. President, I can have nothing to do with these affairs, gets on a train, leaves D.C. and goes back to Yellow Springs, Ohio. The next day, March 22, 1938, Roosevelt fires Arthur Morgan, thus ending, in rather dramatic fashion, what's clearly Roosevelt's toughest personnel problem."

Still Photo of Morgan opening first dam, footage of workers building electrical yard

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