Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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NARRATOR: Morgan felt private companies should keep their share of the market. TVA should serve new customers only. To Morgan that seemed efficient, and fair. But Lilienthal regarded this as a sell-out. The charge stung Morgan deeply.

Morgan: "My father never sold out to anyone. Let alone the power company. He was never for sale."

Outside US supreme court, walking up steps, inside the building

NARRATOR: The internal fight turned public as Wendell Willkie's case against public power pressed through the courts. It seemed the pressure was too much for Arthur Morgan to bear.

Morgan newspaper article

In two magazine articles, Morgan accused David Lilienthal of "dishonest" behavior at the TVA. Morgan said congress should investigate.

Newspaper reporters footage

The charge sparked a national scandal. President Roosevelt ordered Morgan to prove his allegations, at an event unparalleled in American history: a presidential court of inquisition.

Footage of white house, FDR, Morgan

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