Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Talbert: "That was Lilienthal's great contribution. He's the one who understood that if you had low electric rates and if you had cheap electrical appliances, you could run power lines out into the countryside and demand would warrant, would justify the whole process."

wires going up

NARRATOR: TVA strung enough wire to span the nation seven times. Towns that had never known electric light, would soon leave the dark ages behind.

footage of power line construction

TVA Newsreel: "The Tennessee Valley authority is pushing lines into rural communities. Now the cross arm swings into place and the insulator is securely fastened. The line must be tied in firmly so that high winds and winter storms cannot disrupt the delivery of cheap TVA kilowatts to farms and homes. Let us contrast for a moment yesterday with today, and tomorrow and tomorrow."

Then and now footage montage: washtub, stove, refrigerator, ironing clothes

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