Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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TVA Newsreel: "Day and night, in peace and in war, the dams work for the people. Power for the factories. Power for new industries. Power to run a million machines. Aircraft, tractors, textiles. Engines, shoes, fertilizer aluminum. Cheap and abundant power to light the cities and villages. Power to the farms, to be converted to a hundred homely uses. Power working tirelessly, endlessly. Raising standards. Reducing drudgery. Power in the hands of the people."

Lilienthal in power plant

NARRATOR: Power was the focus of TVA's youngest board member, David Lilienthal. To ensure continued prosperity for the valley, he pushed TVA to become the nation's premiere public power company.

power lines

Lilienthal made TVA an electric dynamo. And TVA sold its power at bargain-basement rates.

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