Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Talbert: "When you consider all of the workers needed for this massive construction project, common laborers making 45-cents an hour; eating all he could eat in the TVA dining hall for 25-cents; renting one of those electrified modern cottages for 14 dollars a month--boy was that a change."

Catering trucks, women at drafting tables, women in power plants, black workers

NARRATOR: TVA employees enjoyed the most progressive working conditions in the nation. They labored only five hours a day. That way, more shifts were possible and everyone could get a job. There was work for women. Good work--at drafting tables and in power plants. There was also an early form of affirmative action. Blacks were employed in proportion to their population in the valley. They earned the same wages as whites, although they lived--and sometimes worked-- in segregation.

Norris school children

Morgan was attacked by critics for using the people of Tennessee as guinea pigs in a giant social experiment. But on the whole, folks in the valley were smiling.

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Segment Title:Life on the Farm

men plowing fields

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