Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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NARRATOR: Morgan applied his vision beyond the town of Norris. To combat the widespread problem of illiteracy, Morgan built a horse-drawn book-mobile to travel throughout the valley. Woodworking and machine shop classes taught people industrial skills. Children were vaccinated against disease.

men fogging swamp in boat
swamp pumps working

And to combat malaria, TVA sprayed enough insecticide to kill one-billion malaria-breeding mosquitoes. To ensure the mosquitoes did not return, entire swamps were drained. Pumps sucked 100-thousand gallons of murky swamp water every minute, sending it to the reservoirs where it could do no harm.

men working in machine shops

TVA had given the valley the tools it desperately needed. Residents were building more than an ambitious series of dams. They were building a better life.

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