Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Talbert: "Morgan was quite right that you don't have to let your construction villages turn into the hellholes that were so typical of large construction projects. You create proper homes for your workers with families, proper dormitories for those who are unmarried. The small electrified cottages came also with a five acre plot for farming. There was nothing he wouldn't try to improve the lives of his workers."

Classroom, cottage, maps, morgan in cafeteria

NARRATOR: Norris was a family town, with churches and schools. Workers could rent a new, four- room home for 14 dollars a month--about one week's pay. Five dollars more, got you a furnace, stove, refrigerator and water heater. This was Arthur Morgan's dream. An idyllic community. A town that he, himself called home. He even ate in the village cafeteria. Norris was a place where common laborers could picnic in the village green.

Music video of community picnic:workers play polo, sack race, long jump, sprint, nail hammering contest

Still of Lilienthal in office

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