Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Talbert: "It's a little difficult for the federals to come down to this valley and tell people how to live their lives. That problem, while it was a problem, was solved because the Feds brought jobs and that's what this valley needed above anything else."

Footage of men signing up for work

NARRATOR: In fact, people poured out of the foothills to sign up for construction work. TVA was hiring like no one had hired before. Thousands of jobs, for common laborers and skilled technicians. High paying work was something the valley had never known. With TVA taking all comers, things were looking up.

Footage of men working

Song: " My name is William Edwards, I live down Coal Creek way. I'm working on a project they call the TVA. The government began it when I was but a child, but now they are in earnest and Tennessee's gone wild."

folksong music continues with construction footage

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