Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Bowmaster: "We had a sense of making history because this was the first time they had developed, any place in the world, a whole river system for competing purposes: navigation, flood control and power."

Footage of 1930’s town meeting

NARRATOR: Not everyone thought it was a good idea. Especially Tennessee hill folk.

Dykeman i/v 5278/15:44

covered by mountain man reacting to engineer

Dykeman: "Well of course we were surprised. I guess you could almost say we were shocked. To build dams meant that land would be taken. If land was taken and flooded it meant that homes would be taken. The demands that it made on our culture and on our way of life, on our sense of family and of place, this was not happy."

Footage of family packing, house burning, digging up cemeteries

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