Modern Marvels The Tennessee Valley Authority

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Modern Marvels

The Tennessee Valley Authority

The History Channel 1995

Terry FitzPatrick, Writer/Producer/Director

Opening Introduction

helicopter aerial or river rapids

NARRATOR: To tame a wild river is to challenge the forces of nature, especially a river as powerful and unruly as the Tennessee.

dam building footage

This is the story of daring men whose vision sparked one of the biggest engineering challenges in history. Could they tame an entire river system--thousands of miles long--to serve mankind? A project of this scope had never been attempted. Dozens of massive dams, 200-thousand workers, a billion-dollar price tag.

Electrical generators, factories, President Roosevelt views construction site

If successful, it would be a nationwide model, bringing power, industry, and modernization. If unsuccessful, it could leave the country bitter at the audacity of the federal government.

Workers at dam sites

The Tennessee Valley Authority--the TVA--would become one of America's greatest gambles. The whole world watched as America's best minds set out to tame the Tennessee.

Modern Marvels Series Open

Act One

Segment Title: The Raging River

Historical footage of farmer in doorway, lightning, rain, flooding

Download 208.5 Kb.

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