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Question # 3

During the onset of World War II, Japan being one of the Axis allies was doing most of the fighting in the Pacific region and through all of Asia. The Japanese government had made their reason to justify their actions during the war. The Allies being led by the United States of America were not impressed and rejected said justifications.

The reasoning behind the attacks on the United States of America that gave them the opportunity to join the War is the following. “People in Japan treated these victories with Jubilation. The government and media justified the campaign with grand claims that Japan was pursuing a war to return Asia to Asia control” (Gordon, Pg. 210). This is what Japan at the time believed to be a good reason to attack the United States while still harboring ill will towards other western powers in Asia. Japan wanted to be the top power in Asia and that even meant attacking China another major power in Asia.

After the war when Japan was coming towards the end of the war the United States and its allies did exactly think that Japan would change its ways right away because they believed that they would be heading the communist route. “Those who advocate such a cause are not the so-called rightist, but rather the communist who instigate from behind, hoping that through the resulting their aim of effecting a revolution may be realized” (Postdam, Pg. 452). The reason they were labeling the Japanese as communist is because after they had taken over other countries they may make all territories communist. Also the fact that Japan attacked China did not sit well with the allied powers because of the events that happened in Nan King. Even though Japan was not a communist country it had the potential to become communist because it was on good terms with the Russians and after the war things could change.

Japan and China have a long history of fighting before the begging of World War II and even back then there was a need for foreign intervention. “Being disastrous that these two countries should respect their inherent characteristics and closely cooperate with each other as good neighbors under their common ideal of establishing a new order in East Asia on the ethical basis , with this a nucleus contributing toward the peace of the world in general”(Fundamentals, Pg. 420). This quotes shows that the attacks that were done upon China were not justified and therefore Japan and China were to make a truce and work together for future endeavors. Any reasoning that Japan used to justify why they did the actions they did during World War II and the fighting done in the Pacific. It was not only rejected but they were made to make amends for the atrocities they committed and even made the emperor come out and give a public apology. Overall nothing that Japan said post World War II was taken seriously by the allied powers an instead issued sanctions that would make sure Japan would not be able to repeat the same actions it had done prior to and during the war.

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