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  1. Which of these factors best helps to explain why a strong navy and a large fleet of trading ships have been an important part of Great Britain's history?

A. its form of government

B. its large population

C. its type of climate

D. its geographic location

  1. After 1986, Chernobyl, Ukraine, was abandoned. What caused the people to abandon this city?

A. The nuclear power plant exploded and radiation levels were unsafe.

B. The people were being persecuted by soldiers of the Soviet Union.

C. The Chernobyl river was diverted so there was no drinking water.

D. The area was under water because of the construction of a dam

  1. If someone crossed the mountains from Switzerland into France, they would have to hike through the ________________________. SS6G8

    1. Pyrenees.

    2. Sierra Madre.

    3. Alps.

    4. Urals.

  1. All of the following are part of Europe except

    1. Russia

    2. Germany

    3. Brazil

    4. Poland

  1. Which number on the map shows the location of France? (SS6G8b)

    1. 1.

    2. 2

    3. 3

    4. 4

  1. What is mostly true about European languages?

    1. Languages are a central part of Europe’s varying cultures.

    2. Most European languages have not changed with time.

    3. Few European languages show some connections with each other.

    4. Each European language evolved from Latin or Greek.

  1. Which of the following languages is considered a Germanic language

    1. French

    2. Russian

    3. English

    4. Greek

  1. All of the following are major monotheistic religions of Europe except ________________.

    1. Judaism.

    2. Christianity.

    3. Buddhism.

    4. Islam.

  1. Most European nations have developed well in the modern world. What is one of the BEST reasons for this?

    1. Most European nations have few natural resources.

    2. Europeans nations have had their independence for over 50 years.

    3. European nations have a high literacy rate.

    4. European nations all share one common language.

  1. An example of economic cooperation among European nations that occurred in the late 1900s was the ______________________________________.

  1. creation of the United Nations.

  2. signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

  3. creation of the League of Nations.

  4. introduction of the Eurodollar.

  1. How has the European Economic Community/European Union been a benefit to the countries that have joined it?

A. The use of tariffs has increased trade.

B. Trade among member nations has decreased.

C. More people now make full use of their country's resources.

D. The exchange of goods among the members has become easier.

  1. Russia has a type of government in which power is formally divided between one central authority and several regional authorities. Name the type of government.

A. Federation

B. Dictatorship

C. Oligarchy

D. Constitutional Monarchy

13. The European Union (EU) was established in the 1990s. Which of the following is a goal of the EU?

A. to create a single European currency

B. to endorse a single European language

C. to provide military aid to European countries experiencing civil war

D. to protect western European countries from formerly communist countries

14. What is one of the goals of the European Union (EU), which was established in the 1990s?

A. It is a special stock market for European businesses.

B. It provides better training for people wanting to run businesses.

C. It provides its members with military protection from foreign attack.

D. It is a system to remove tariff barriers and open trade between countries.

15. This group was created in 1993 for the purpose of creating a single economic market in which there are no barriers to trade, services, or capital among the member states.

A. Warsaw Pact

B. European Union

C. North Atlantic Treaty Organization

D. South East Asian Treaty Organization

Monarch is symbolic head of state

Parliament holds real power

Prime minister is leader of Parliament
16. Use the statement below to answer the question

The statement above describe which country’s government?

  1. France

  2. United Kingdom

  3. United States

  4. Russia

17. Which of the following is true of Germany’s government? Germany’s head of government is a totalitarian ruler.

  1. Germany is ruled by a powerful oligarchy.

  2. Germany is a federal republic in which states have important powers.

  3. Germany is a constitutional monarchy.

18. Following the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, nuclear pollution _____________.

  1. contaminated water and poisoned many people.

  2. was not a major issue since the explosion was contained.

  3. occurred when all of the scientist left the facility.

  4. began surfacing five months after the disaster.

19. Which word has the same meaning as the economic term "tariff"?

A. tax

B. savings

C. debt

D. money

20. All of the following nations use the euro as their official currency EXCEPT ______________.

  1. France.

  2. United Kingdom.

  3. Italy.

  4. Greece.

21. One of Russia’s natural resources have affected the country’s economy is that _____________.

  1. Russia has very little forest remaining.

  2. Russia is one of the world’s leading exporters of oil and gas.

  3. Russia has to import nearly all of its energy resources.

  4. Russia’s most valuable resources are tea, fruits, and olive oil.

22. The economy of the United Kingdom is BEST described as a __________________________.

  1. pure free market economy.

  2. traditional economy.

  3. mixed economy.

  4. command economy.

23. Before the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and East Germany had which type of economic structure?

  1. command

  2. market

  3. mixed

  4. governmental

24. What is one action that Switzerland has taken to eliminate a trade barrier?

  1. Built rail tunnels through the Alps

  2. Decided not to join the European Union

  3. Imposed an embargo on Iran

  4. Began using the British pound

25. Colonization was encouraged in which type of economic system?

  1. Communism

  2. Command

  3. Barter

  4. Mercantilism

26. One benefit of using the euro is that ____________________________________.

  1. It acts as a natural trade barrier.

  2. Many countries can trade without needing to exchange currencies.

  3. Its value never changes.

  4. It is used by every country in the world.

27. Hitler’s systematic murder of about 6 million Jews and other Europeans is known as ______________.

A. D-Day.

B. the Holocaust.

C. mercantilism

D. totalitarianism.

28. After World War II, which countries stood alone as the world’s two superpowers?

  1. United States and Germany

  2. Soviet Union and Great Britain

  3. United States and Soviet Union

  4. Great Britain and China

29. Which of the following was a major cause of the Cold War?

  1. The democratic government in East Germany built the Berlin Wall.

  2. The Soviet Union wanted to expand communism to new countries, and the United States opposed this.

  3. The United States refused to allow a Communist government to serve in East Germany.

  4. The Soviet Union took over all of Western Europe.

30. The fall of the Berlin Wall led directly to the _________________.

  1. reunification of Germany.

  2. end of democratic government in France.

  3. defeat of Solidarity in Poland.

  4. end of capitalism in the Soviet Union.

31. What happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

  1. The former Soviet Union broke up into 15 different countries, each with its own government.

  2. The Cold War with the United States began.

  3. East Germany took control of West Germany.

  4. Communist governments came to power in Eastern Europe.

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