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* means they were listed in the Ter-Jubilee Conference brochure in 1958. (Gerald Griffiths was among the first to appreciate the changing needs of overseas mission and of the 30 missionaries on the Chapel’s prayer list in 1958, 7 were in secular employment for missionary ends.106)

The first four names on the Roll of Honour which used to hang in the lounge of Charlotte Chapel (now in storage above the organ) are of missionaries who went to Serampore during the ministry of Christopher Anderson. John Mack was pastor of the Baptist church at Serampore and tutor at the College from 1821 to 1845 and later a professor. He was a graduate of Edinburgh University and studied theology under Dr. Ryland at Bristol Baptist College. He died of cholera in 1845. Thomas Swan went to Serampore as Professor of Theology in 1825 but died after only two years of service. In 1828 Miss Helen Mack went to the Serampore Mission Station but she too died after only two years there. Then in 1852 John Leechman, Ll.B., went to India and served for five years with the Serampore Mission. There were others but unfortunately their names have not been recorded.

John Mack India BMS 1821–45107

Thomas Swan India BMS 1825–27108

Helen Mack India Serampore 1828–30109

John Leechman India Serampore 1832–37110

Andrew Leslie India 1823–71111

Mrs. Christina Coillard Upper Zambesi Paris Miss’y Society 1860–91112

Robert J. Ellis India BMS 1860–77113

Christina Anderson China Not known ?1873–?114

Kate Elder China Not known 1877–?115

Dr. Sydney Comber, M.D. Congo BMS 1882–84116

Mary Brock China Not known 1883–?117

James Balfour, M.A. Jamaica BMS 1883–99118

Laura Gray, S.R.N., C.M.B. India Village Mission 1907–22 + 1931–36119

Dr & Mrs Thomas Draper South India see footnote 1907 (1920)–55120

Jean Scott China CIM 1908–23121

Eleanor Dovey ( MacKenzie) China CIM 1913–25122

Rev. Adam Scott South India Ceylon/India General 1913–46123

Miss Beatrice Morrison India Kalimpong 1913–21124

Thomas Allan Nigeria S.I.M., Nigeria 1914–52125

Mrs Caroline W. Allan Nigeria S.I.M. 1919–37126

Nurse A. Rebecca Cowie China Emmanuel 1919–23127

Miss Lilian M. Fison Algeria No. Africa Mission 1919–39128

Douglas de B. Robertson China CIM 1919–51129

Mrs. Evelyn Robertson China CIM 1921–51130

Miss Lydia H. Garriock* Kenya C of S 1920? + 1929–?40131

Nurse A. Sophie Rodgers China BMS 1920–28132

Grace E. Chalmers Palestine Christian Alliance 1920–36133

George McCabe India RBMU 1920–54134

Mrs Lysbeth McCabe India RBMU 1922–54135

Annie Wighton* Nigeria Sudan Interior Mission1920–65136

Rev. Angus A. McNaughton Nigeria / Jamaica BMS 1922–38137

Mrs Ethel McNaughton Nigeria / Jamaica BMS 1924–38138

Dr James Milne Malta Hospital 1923–32139

Nurse Ina G. Milne, S.R.N., C.M.B., Malta Hospital 1923–32140

Mary Campbell (Harrison)* Belgian Congo H. of A. M. (WEC) 1923–65141

Dr. Enid M. Hern Eqypt Egypt General 1923–30142

Nurse Mary G. Reid Portuguese E Africa, Church. of Scot.1925–34143

Nurse Marjorie Coutts Livingstonia U.F. Church 1925–27144

Rev. Andrew G.W.MacBeath Bolobo, Congo BMS 1925–40145

Mrs. Emma MacBeath Bolobo, Congo BMS 1929–40146

Dr. Ian Dovey China LMS 1926–27147

E. Y. (Bessie) Hamilton Morocco So. Morocco Mission 1926–36148

Grace Oldfield Egypt Egypt General 1927–28149

Dr. Margaret Tait (Thomas)* Damascus + EMMS 1927–69150

Dr. Emrys C. Thomas* Damascus E.M.M.S. 1927(196x)–1969151

Maida Bolster (Contento)* China CIM 1928–82152

Margaret Myles (Blok)* North India Behar Mission 1928– 67153

Vonda Melville Sturrock, Belgian CongoAfrica Inland 1928–39154

James Ballantyne Nigeria SUM 1929–44155

Francis (Frank) E. O. Bolton Palestine EMMS 1929–29156

Rev. Gerald Blok (Block)* India RBMU 1930 (1947)–67157

Dr. Daniel M’Leod New Hebrides John G. Paton 1930–37158

Dr. Robert A. Turner Nigeria / Sudan S.U.M. 1930–36159

Gordon F. Ward China ? CIM/Red Cross 1931–66160

Mrs. Winifred Ward, Sellar China 1932 –?

Alexander McNaughton Jamaica/etc BMS 1932–45161

Miss Alison F. Ballantyne (Pateman) China CIM 1933–77162

Alexander Clark. Bolivian Indian Mission 1933–46163

Dr. Benjamin Gullison India 193 –?164

Dr. Ernest Wyder Nazareth 1933–34165

Isobel Stewart (Wide) Congo R.B.M.U. 1933–?166

Adam Wilson New Hebrides John G. Paton 1934–47167

Nurse Mary E. Weightman China CIM 1934–45168

Nurse Dorothy Lister Bengal, India BMS 1934–39169

John F. Fisher Gibralter + M.M.G. 1934–46170

Dr. Eleonar Petrie (nee Bone) Aden 1935–38171

Christina Wighton (Wilson) New Hebrides 1935–47172

Molly Wood (married Clark) Bolivia Indian Mission 1935–46173

Rev. Robert (Bob) Martin India 1936(1944)–69174

Dr. Christina M. McTaggart (Martin) Palestine/India EMMS+ 1936–69 175

Mrs. Jessie McNaughton Columbia 1935–45176

Rev. George Reed Bolster China CIM 1938–47177

Dr. Cedric J. Cooper* South Africa 1938–73178

Mrs Jessie Cooper (Hutton) South Africa 1938–73179

Elizabeth (Bessie) Barnie* Nigeria SUM 1939–73180

Dr. Bernard Walker 1939–?181

Dr. J. Nairn Hay South America ISAMU 1945–?182

Mrs Margaret Hay South America ISAMU 1946–?183

Dr Newton Eaton, LRCP& S. India 1946–?184

Mrs Winnifred McGowran Damascus EMMS 1946–52185

Miss Marjory Sommerville* China, Malaya CIM/O.M.F 1946–72186

Miss Sheila P. Macdonald Congo, Kenya R.B.M.U. 1946–1953

Ivory Coast 19xx–xx187

Dr. Oscar Barry* Ethiopia Sudan Interior 1946–53188

Ethiopia Government service 1960–1965+

Dr. Flora Barry* Ethiopia Sudan Interior 1947–1953189

Ethiopia Government service 1960–1965+

Nurse Lilian M. Jennings* Nyasaland Zambesi Mission 1947–63190

Miss Marjory Cranage* S.Africa + Africa Ev. Band 1947–199x191

Dr. John Stafford India 1948–51192

Dr. James Burton Congo 1948–56

Nurse Elizabeth Strachan China CIM 1949–51

Rev. Alex. Somerville* East Pakistan BMS 1949–65193

Mrs Barbara Somerville* East Pakistan BMS 1950–65194

Andrew McCabe* India R.B.M.U 1950–date195

Alan Davis* Ghana/ThailandWEC/Leprosy Miss. 1950–87196

Charlotte (Charlese) Davis Ghana/Thai WEC /Leprosy 1950 [1964]– 87197

Miss Jean McLelland Israel E.M.M.S. 1951–53198

Rev. Edward S. Emmett* French West S.U.M. 1951–?1987199

Miss Mabel McLean* India R.B.M.U. 1951–81200

Nurse Anne W. Duncan India Herbertpur Mission 1952–54201

Donald C. Fleming* Malaya C.I.M 1952–2005202

Mildred Fleming 1978–203

Miss Dorothy Somerville* Nigeria 1952–79204

Miss Johan Smith South Africa 1955–56, 60–68205

Miss Fanny Cluness* Kenya non-professional 1956–76206

Miss Kitty Lange* Holland Independent 1958–80207

Dr Morag Ross (Dickinson) Nigeria Qua Iboe 1959–xx208

Enid Russell India BMMF 1959–73209

Miss Sheila Masterton India No society 1945[1955]–78210

Mrs. Evelyn Macgregor South Africa Dorothea Mission 1963–6?211

Mrs Meryl Linquist Central Africa AIM 1964–xx212

Ian Finlayson Nigeria SIM 1965–73213

Sheila Meiklejohn (Finlayson) Nigeria SIM 1965–73214

Angus Noble Philippines OMF 1963–72+1976-92215

Mrs Eve Noble Philippines OMF 1963–72+1976-92216

Miss Mary Wight Kenya A.I.M. 1965–2001217

Miss Gudrun Nessler Austria European Christian 1965–date218

John Henderson India Graham’s Homes 1965–

Miss Pat Frazer Nepal Nepal Evangel. 1966–?93219

Miss Ruth Lawson Congo AIM 1966– 69220

Miss Isobel Wood Afghanistan 1970–85221

Miss Joan Wragg Nigeria S.I.M. 1971–before 1980222

Miss Helen Hislop Yemen Red Sea Mission 1972–87223

Dr Janet Martin Nigeria Qua Iboe 1978–85224

Martin Inchley Brazil 1979–85225

Mrs Margaret Inchley Brazil 1979–85226

Audrey Harkness (Newton) Indonesia OMF 1980–227

Miss Irene Murray Nazareth EMMS 1980–228

Derek Newton Manila/ICC OMF 1980 (1996)–229

Miss Gillian Fleming Hospital Christian Fellowship 1982–87230

John Woodhead Israel IFES 1983–91231

Miss Barbara Hodder Philippines Wycliffe 1985–date232

Ian Prescott Philippines OMF 1986–233

Ann-Marie Prescott Philippines OMF 1986 (2002)-234

Stuart Harrison Peru EUSA 1986–93235

Mrs Chrissie Harrison Peru EUSA 1986–93

Joanne Muir (married Neira) Logos ship OM 1990–236

Peter Hsu Seychelles FEBA 1992–237

Dr. Dai Eddyshaw Ghana Christ. Blinden. 1992–2002 238

Mrs Morag Eddyshaw Ghana Christ. Blinden. 1992–239

Eric Moore Itinerant HCJB World Radio 1992 (1994)–240

Mrs Anne Moore Itinerant HCJB World Radio 1992 (1994)–

Kevin Boyce Logos ship OM 1994–241

Fiona Boyce Logos ship OM 1994–242

Ivan Neira Logos ship OM 1994–243

Elaine Dawson Cairo Interserve 1997–244

German, Steve North Africa Tear Fund 1997–245

German, Desiree North Africa Tear Fund 1997–246

Daniel Zeiden Brazil, Chile+ SAMS, Food Hungry 1997–247

Barbara Zeiden Brazil, Chile+ SAMS, Food Hungry 1997–248

Kirsty Dennis (Henry) Tanzania AIM 1998–249

Theresa Wilson Papua New Guinea Wycliffe 2001–250

Fiona Leaver (was Scott) OM ships OM 1998–251

Glenn Leaver OM ships OM ?2003–252

Emily Platt Nepal BMS/CMS 2003–253

Stephen Lawson Asia/Glasgow Wycliffe 2004-254

Susan Lawson Asia/Glasgow Wycliffe 2004–255

Andy Gardiner Ecuador Latin Link 2005–256

1 Lynne Ager, who had recently qualified in opthalmics, went in January 1991 for six months to Kano Eye Hospital, Nigeria, with the Sudan Interior Mission, and a new phrase was coined – ‘short-term missionary service’. Reports in the Record every month of her six months. She married John McCurry in Mull on 22 July 1991, then reports of being at Bible School in Austria, and together they went to Ghana in June 1995 with the German Christ. Blinden. Mission for at least a year. Report from there (no longer a Chapel member) in the Record, February 1996, p.14.

2 Dr. R. Douglas Aitken, D.Sc., M.D., Ch. B., on Ter-Jubilee Missionary Roll of Honour in 1958 as having served in Palestine and then South Africa from 1928 to date. No other reference to him as a missionary has been picked up.

3 Wife of Norman. Only he is mentioned as going to the post, and she was not in the 1964 list, but then she appeared on the 1965 list and onward.

4 Son of missionary parents, Thomas and Caroline Allan (in list). ‘Medical student definitely going abroad’, (Record, 1951, p. 76.) M.B. Ch. (1952, pp.109, 178), National Service in Africa (1954, p. 11) employment here (1956, p. 68), impressions of Nigeria, written from Edinburgh (1957, p. 140), appointed senior registrar in hematology at the University College Hospital, Ibaden, Nigeria, so sailed with his wife and daughter, Bronwen, in June 1960. (1960, pp. 53, 58), not valedicted as he was going to a salaried government post, not a missionary society. Full report (1960, p. 141), in Edinburgh on holiday, dedication of Ruth (1961, p. 138), returned to Africa, (1962, p.141), home, (1966, pp. 3, 21). He told the writer that he was embarrassed at being included in the Roll of Honour boards in the Chapel, as he regarded his appointment to a hospital overseas, not a missionary role. On return to Edinburgh, he was a consultant in hematology at the Western General Hospital, 1967, and retired to Church Stretton in Herefordshire.

5 See husband.

6 Report, January 2007. Richard is on the Associate Scheme at St Helen’s Bishopsgate in London. We are members of Charlotte Chapel, having been part of the church family during 2001–6 while working in Edinburgh (as an actuary and accountant respectively). Richard joined the Associate Scheme at St Helen’s from August 2006. The Scheme aims to help develop the next generation of servant-leaders of the church. In particular, it seeks to help us grow in Christian maturity: in theology and knowledge of the Bible; in our ability to study and teach the Bible: and in our servant-heartedness and ministry-mindedness. Training takes place in 4 ways: in the classroom, on the job as we do ministry, in practical jobs like moving furniture and administration, and through a large amount of contact with the St Helen’s staff team. My ministry area is mainly with workers in the banking sector who are part of the midweek church family, at lunchtime talks, small group Bible studies and lunchtime Christianity Explored courses. Further report, June 2007: We've had a good second term at St Helen's. A particular highlight was our mission week in February - St Helen's was transformed into a restaurant for a week of evening candlelit dinners followed by a short talk and questions to the speaker. We were able to bring guests on a couple of the evenings. We've also had the privilege of witnessing God's word at work in the lives of individuals whom we've been working with over the year. Last term training sessions included one morning a week doing exegesis of Galatians and one afternoon a week considering contemporary theological issues such as the place of Social Concern. Women's Ministry and Worship. We also had several preaching practice sessions and in addition. Rich had several opportunities to give talks at various events over last term. We enjoyed a really good Easter break skiing in Switzerland and are now well into the swing of the final term of the year. Richard is going to be staying on for the second year of the Scheme.

7 At Sidlow Baxter’s tenth anniversary in the Chapel, in October 1945, described as ‘in training’ – Record, 1945, p. 173. He had discussed future missionary service with Sidlow Baxter, but had severe asthma at the time. Baxter encouraged him to consider missionary service if and when the asthma could be controlled. It was never possible to take this further, but as his name is on the 1945 list, it is only proper to mention him here. He became a deacon and an elder and spent the remainder of his life as an active member of the Chapel. Much given to hospitality – father of Kenneth Armstrong, the name abouve his in the list.

8 Nurse. At Sidlow Baxter’s tenth anniversary in the Chapel, in October 1945, described as ‘in training’ – Record, 1945, p. 173.

9 Dr Robin Balfour and his wife, Frances, went in August 1991 for six months to Chogoria Hospital, Kenya – Record, October 1991.

10 Alexander W. Balfour and his Norwegian wife, Christina, were commissioned by the Lutheran Norwegian Missionary Society to teach English for two years (summer 1996 to summer 1998) in Longyan in Fuijan Province in China. The Mission had a long-term arrangement to supply a couple, every two years, to the school there. They attended the local church. Report in the Chapel Record, May 1999, pp. 16-18.

11 In theYPM report of April 2007 as a YPM missionary (presumably short-term) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

12 In 1991, Steve Begarnie offered to work with Scripture Union in Dundee for a year, June 1991-June 1992, and the Young Peoples Meeting regarded him as one of ‘our missionaries’. This was a completely new concept in Chapel thinking for two reasons: (1) he was in Scotland, not overseas, and (2) it was for a year, not for life. His reports appeared in the Record, again unheard of for short-time Christian service, in 1992, March, pp. 5-7, June pp. 4-5. He was supported by the Chapel’s Home Mission Committee.

13 ‘Connected with Charlotte Chapel’ (The Scotsman, 7 December 1912), which reported his death at the age of 19, while a divinity student for the Baptist ministry at Stepney College, London, after three years at the Edinburgh Academy.

14 Hospital sister, Ceylon and Nigeria. BMS, as employee so not a Chapel missionary because employed by the Overseas Nursing Association, not by a missionary society. Kandy (government) Hospital, Ceylon, 1925, for three and a half years, welcomed back 1929, then to Nigeria, 1929, furlough in February 1931, vacation here in 1932. Back to Nigeria, then home in 1934 and married in the Chapel. Record, 1925, pp. 135, 150,166, 185; 1926, p. 134; 1929, pp. 90, 148, 154; 1931, p.44; 1932, p. 154; 1934, pp. 20, 69.

15 Serving with International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in France. Introduction in Online in 2006: ‘I was born in the beautiful country of Wales in 1982, something I am very proud of. I think I have probably been a Christian all my life, but the Lord has blessed me with a really wonderful Christian family and close group of friends who have encouraged, challenged and guided me through everything. I studied History of Art, Edinburgh University 2001-2005 and became a Student Link member of Charlotte the Chapel and was baptised there in Feb 2003. This year I am working for the `International Fellowship of Evangelical Students’ in Nice, France. The French national Student group (GBL) specifically requested a team to assist local students in their ministry and evangelistic efforts. Nice has a population of 400,000, very similar to Edinburgh, and a comparable student population. The first 3 months out here have been very encouraging. 4 new Bible groups have been started at all of the key university faculties. Regular evangelistic film debates and dinner events have also been established.

16 Joined the Chapel in July 1995. Christian home, parents with OMF at one time. Had completed a BD, and in 1995 was training as a nurse. In 2003, wanted to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, but family commitments kept her at home. Accordingly, started M Th (part time) at International Christian College, Glasgow in 2003. In January 2007, sent to Afghanistan as reservist (nursing) with British army.

17 Gap-year April to August 2002 with WEC mission team at Cuernavacao, Mexico.

18 Bryce Crawford, Junior, spent the year spring 1992 to summer 1993 in Uganda, nursing with the Africa Inland Mission. Reports in the Record, June 1992. p.1, missionary, October, missionary, November, missionary; January 1993.

19 Last summer [2006] I graduated from Edinburgh University with a Masters in Fine Art. During this time I was privileged to attend the Chapel. In January after a Getting into Gear conference in Germany I moved to North Africa for 2 years. I hope to use my skills in art, to build bridges in order to share and be a resource to my colleagues. I've been living here for a month now and am settling into life. As the Women's Travelling Team (WTT), we will spend around 10 days every month travelling. Last week we completed our first trip. Our aim: to feel comfortable (as 2 single ladies) travelling around the country using Arabic, to meet locals and share, giving gifts of good literature, praying for people and places we visit some of which have no longer term workers. We follow up on the work of the men’s TT, by visiting women and families whom culturally men have little contact with. Eventually we hope to visit remote villages considered unreached, establishing contacts which can be followed up by long-termers. At home, time is spent studying Arabic, making local friends and meeting with brothers and sisters. Last week I visited a centre for disabled children and did some painting with them. There are many exciting opportunities to use art here and we're in the process of consolidating vision for the arts. In March [2007] we plan a trip to the mountains, staying with a Berber family.

20 Asked on 4 October 1888 for ordination as a missionary to South America. The elders knew so little about him that they were unable to recommend to the church to take on this responsibility. (Elders’ Minute, 4 October 1888.)

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