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: I was first challenged to join OM ships when I visited the Logos 2 in Aberdeen in 1995 with a group from the Chapel. I was working as primary teacher at the time, and the next year spent most of my (long!) summer holidays on board the Doulos working in the galley. I never imagined that when I joined for a further 2 years at the beginning of 1998 that I would meet and eventually marry one of the ship’s chefs. Glenn is from Perth (Australia) and we both joined the ship to serve God in practical ways, using our skills of teaching and cooking, while also learning many new ones, and at the same time bringing the gospel to people in many different countries around the world. Time on board was an amazing one of broadening our vision for worldwide mission. After getting married in 2000, we spent a year working in Edinburgh during which Glenn got to know Scotland and became a member of Charlotte Chapel on 1 April 2001. Next step was a further two years training at Belfast Bible College. Now we are once again working with OM in the UK national office, and hope to serve again overseas very soon. Their report, December 2006. We have just left Cambodia, a country still recovering from the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime in the `70s, and it was a privilege to see how God is working there and to be a small part of that. Our other `big’ news is that Glenn is now the Chief Steward responsible for running Catering and Hotel Services on board, with 74 others to help him! This will be a huge challenge for him and for us as a family, but we feel that this is God’s timing and the next step that He wants us to take. Glenn is adjusting to being in a leadership position with all the responsibilities and stresses that go with that! Callum is growing fast and keeping Fiona on her toes, but she has still found time to be involved in HIV/AIDS education, as well as being a K-group `mum’ and working in the `ship shop’ It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year since we left the UK! Record, 2007, issue 2, p.25: ‘The last few months have been packed with visits to five different ports, dry-dock in Singapore and Malaysia and then on to the Philippines. We are expecting a baby in early July, which we are very excited about. We also plan to be travel to the UK for Glenn's brother's wedding in Southampton this month, and then spend some time in Scotland before Glenn heads back to the ship in Taiwan. Callum and I will stay with my parents and wait for the baby to arrive. Glenn plans to rejoin us in mid-May for an early 3 month furlough and hopefully all four of us will return to the Doulos sometime in August.’ Last report in cbcOnline before this CD was closed – August 2007: Serving with Operation Mobilisation. Our main news is that God blessed us with the safe arrival of our daughter Beth on June 30, one week early. She is a wee star and we are slowly adapting to having her in our lives and all that that entails. Callum seems to have really taken to her, giving her lots of kisses and making sure she's still around. Glenn is almost coping with the sleepless nights and Fiona is hanging in there! We are now looking towards our return to Doulos, with tickets booked for Aug 15 to fly back to South Korea and the last port of call there. Doulos is experiencing a busy time there at the moment with the local Christian community having high expectations of the ship's company, and high numbers of visitors coming on board.

253 Went in December 2003 to BMS World Mission in Nepal, back after two years, November 2005, to work with CMS. Her report, January 2004. I was brought up in Buckinghamshire where I spent the first 11 years of my life before moving up to Dumfries & Galloway with my family. I studied at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh for 4 years, and have been working in Edinburgh for 2 years. My first experience of mission was 2 years ago when I spent 2 months in Cameroon with Wycliffe Bible Translators. I did wonder at that point if God had further plans for me on the mission front. Early this year I felt unsettled and wondered which direction God wanted me to go in. A BMS action team visited my parents’ church and Mum & Dad sent me the brochure. I applied for short-term mission, applying at the same time for secular jobs. However, God closed the door on the job front and pointed me towards mission. Through my current job, God has equipped me with the necessary skills to work as a recruitment officer for the International Nepal Fellowship (seconded by BMS) in Pokhara, Nepal where I will serve for 1-2 years from Jan 2004. Report, December 2006. Serving with Church Mission Society. I am currently writing from Singapore where I am working until the end of November. It’s nice to be back in this part of the world and escaping the cold back home! During this visit I and the Regional Manager, Shin Yong, are planning to visit missionaries in Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. It will be a swift visit, but one that is valued by missionaries. We are busy preparing for the Oxford move next year, especially when many are not relocating so jobs need to be filled. My team will be changing and I will be the 2nd main interviewer as well as continuing in the personnel role for the Asia region. Last report in cbcOnline before this CD was closed – August 2007: Serving with Church Mission Society. I'm now in Oxford and loving it! The move went smoothly and I'm situated in a lovely part with a big park behind me and another across the road. God is good. People have been extremely warm and welcoming and I've been along to St Aldate's Church a few times, which 1 enjoy. The office is wonderful and such a different atmosphere to the last. Churches in the area are pleased to have CMS here, and we are wanting to connect with the surrounding communities in and around Oxford. As you can imagine. with a move this size things have been busy and a lot of us are looking forward to having a break at some point. However. before that can happen I'm going to Gloucester tomorrow for our annual Mission Partner Conference, where I'll be leading some sessions!

254 Stephen and Susan Lawson started at Redcliffe Bible College, Gloucester, 2001, finished summer 2003, then to Wycliffe Bible Translators training centre. Commended by the Chapel for language and translation work in West Asia on 4 July 2004, but assigned to Glasgow. Their report, January 2004. Susan: Brought up in Londonderry, I came to Edinburgh in 1983 to study medicine and was pleased to "discover" Charlotte Chapel. Sunday preaching and YPM teaching were challenging and exciting – real years of discipleship for me. Stephen: Born near Sunderland, I came to Edinburgh aged 10, when my father became the pastor's assistant at the Chapel. I returned in 1982 to study pharmacy at Heriot-Watt, and joined the Chapel in 1984. From early on I have had a love for the Bible and a desire to see it made more available in clear language, plus a love for foreign languages. Together: We married in 1988 and enjoyed being involved in Focus, singing, a few other things ... and crèche as Clare and Anna came along. We are members at Niddrie. In 1992 we spent a time in Romania which led us to decide that medical missionary work was not for us – one step that has brought us towards Wycliffe Bible Translators and the exciting prospect of being able to help nationals (displaced from their home country) translate the Bible into the language they know best. Their report, December 2006. We have now taken on responsibility for the Zam project, researching the needs, planning the necessary steps, starting to look at that language. Translation is on hold at present, but checking of existing material (Luke) continues. A paper describing the language has to be written - we hope to work with a Zam linguist to produce this. We are still learning the national language and enjoying involvement at church. Last report in cbcOnline before this CD was closed – June 2007: Susan had a very profitable and enjoyable trip to Zam province for 12 days in March. On one hand it confirmed that it is sadly a language in decline, no longer taught by parents to children in certain segments of the community. On the other hand it is used and loved more than we had thought, and would definitely be an attractive means of introducing truth to people. This encourages us to press on with the checking and background papers necessary to produce material such as the Jesus Film.

255 See husband.

256 Joined the Chapel in February 1996, as a second year medical student, having been twice to Ecuador. Medical elective to Ecuador, July to November 1999, working with HCJB in their hospitals and medical work based in Quito. Completed her training at a GP in Shetland and Liverpool in 2002-3. Report, August 2006. Serving in Ecuador with Latin Link. At the end of July 2006 began her rural year, 3 days a week in outpatient paediatrics in Santo Domingo and 2 days in Nuevos Horizontes. ‘I especially enjoy the days in Nuevos, helping the health promoters put into practice what they have learnt and building trust and relationships with people from the community. We also had a STEP team come to start the building of a health centre for the community. They did an excellent job, and impacted many people in the community with their witness. The building continues as people from the community continue to take it in turns to work on it.’ Report, December 2006. This last 2 months I have been settling into all that doing my rural year entails. I am finding working in the local hospital with the children challenging in many ways, as there are so many clamouring for attention, and much ignorance about the causes and treatments of simple illnesses and malnutrition. Today I had a mouse running round my consulting room... I enjoy my 2 days in Nuevos more, where there is more variety, time to get to know patients and teach the health promoters, and opportunities to pray with patients. In Oct we had a long weekend for the annual conference for Latin Link Ecuador, which was a real time of refreshment. I also did a Saturday teaching Sunday school teachers from a group of different churches some new craft ideas. Plans to start an Alpha course in the village with friends and neighbours who are interested in the gospel. Report in cbcOnline in August 2007: ‘Serving in Ecuador with Latin Link. As I write I am in the final month of my rural year working at the hospital. So Aug will mean trips to Quito to sort out more paper work to be finally registered as a doctor in Ecuador!! Once that is done I will be reorganising my time. I think I will work half time in the Nuevos Horizontes community in the new health centre (once the electricity is connected, which is taking ages to organise!), and use the rest of the time to continue supporting the local disabled charity, craft project and church activities. I have been asked to join the music group at church on the keyboard, and the young people I take to the youth group are continuing to be enthusiastic and appreciate that. This last week were local fiestas, so we went with the youth group to the fun fair and managed to survive the slightly alarming rides! The Alpha course is nearly finished now, so we are thinking about what to do next with those who have come along.’ The last report before this CD was closed was the October 2007 issue: ‘This Saturday is the opening of the new health centre in Nuevos Horizontes, the village where I live. The local director of health is invited and is keen to arrange for us to have the government vaccines available and other such services, so that is exciting. The Alpha group continues to meet for Bible studies, now in my new house. I also have completed my paperwork to be registered as a doctor here so I am finally legally allowed to practice here. So it is a time of consolidation and new beginnings in many ways, as I look to the next few months. Two women accepted Christ in Alpha and one teenager through the church youth group.’

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