Mission statement we, the elementary staff of napoleon community schools

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Outdoor recesses are a valuable factor in promoting healthy classroom conditions. Children are expected to participate in recess activities. Adequate and appropriate clothing should be worn. Boots, hats, and gloves are mandatory during winter months and boots will be necessary when playground areas are muddy. If the temperature is 10 degrees Fahrenheit or above (wind chill 10 degrees or above), children continue to have recess outside.
Our policy is that all students go outside for recess. However, realizing that occasional circumstances warrant consideration, these guidelines should be followed when it is necessary for a child to remain inside:

  • Children will be allowed to stay in from recess up to two (2) days with a note signed by the parent/guardian. All notes must specify a reason for the request. Abuse of this consideration may result in administrative contact with parents/guardians.

  • For periods beyond two days, a note from the treating physician is needed.

  • Chronic health ailments should be discussed with office personnel and the teacher.

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