Mission statement we, the elementary staff of napoleon community schools

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To ensure the safety of all children, who ride the bus, it is important that mandatory rules be made and kept. Children will be informed about bus conduct the first day of school, but parents are asked to discuss the rules with their children.
During the winter months, there are occasional times when snow, ice, fog, etc. will cause traffic to be delayed. When this happens our buses will quite naturally be delayed. Children are not counted tardy when the bus arrives late at school.
Multi-destination forms need to be submitted one week in advance for any student needing to ride a different bus to and from school. The Eby office cannot grant permission for a student to ride a different bus. Emergency transportation requests must be directed to the transportation department at 517-905-5710. Please inform the transportation department if you know your child will be absent.
Student Responsibilities:

  • Stay off traveled roadway at all times while waiting for the bus.

  • Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to get on or off.

  • Leave the bus only at the consent of the driver.

  • Enter or leave the bus from the front door only after the bus has come to a stop.

  • CD and cassette players are allowed on the bus.

  • Toys are prohibited on the bus.

  • Keep hands and head inside the bus and to oneself at all times.

  • To report to the driver at once any damage to the bus that is observed.

  • Talking is not permitted when crossing the railroad tracks.

  • Cross the traveled highway, if necessary, after leaving the bus in the following manner:

  1. Make certain the bus is stopped.

  2. On disembarking, go to the front of the bus within sight of the driver and wait for the proper signal for crossing.

  3. Upon signal from the driver, look both right and left and proceed across the highway in front of the bus.

  4. Walk (not run) in front of the bus when crossing the highway.

Emphasize with your child the great responsibility placed on the bus driver in transporting your child and others. Students who do not behave on the bus will receive disciplinary slips as follows:

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