Mission statement we, the elementary staff of napoleon community schools

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Late arrivals require a parent’s signature in the office. If your child arrives at school after the tardy bell (8:35 a.m.), you must sign him/her in at the office. Students need to obtain a pass from the office in order to enter their classroom. It is important that each child attend a full school day. We do realize that emergency situations occur, making it necessary to have your child excused during school hours. The following procedure is to be followed for the safety and protection of your child:

  1. A note must be sent with your child stating the time the child is to be released.

  2. The note must clearly stipulate who will be picking up the child.

  3. The child is released from the school office only, not the classroom.

  4. Parents or other individuals picking up the child are to check in at the office when entering the building. For your child’s protection, a child will not be allowed to be released to anyone other than a parent/guardian or persons indicated on the emergency card unless a signed note is received.

  5. A sign in/out sheet is located in the office for the appropriate signature.

  6. School personnel maintain the right to ask for identification as circumstances warrant.

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