Mission statement we, the elementary staff of napoleon community schools

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A district newsletter called The Messenger is published during the school year. The Messenger informs all school district residents of K-12 events and student achievements. The elementary school regularly sends home a newsletter with each child. The information focuses upon issues and happenings relevant to our elementary students. Each classroom/grade level also sends home a monthly newsletter.


Physical Education

All kindergarten through fifth grade students participate in a physical education class once a week. Physical development of a healthy body and attitude of self is an important part of the physical education program and is monitored by the physical education teacher.


Weekly technology classes will be provided by the technology teacher to kindergarten through fifth grade students. Technology education will relate to the educational curriculum.

Special Education Services

The district provides educational programming for all school age students in cooperation with the Jackson County Intermediate School District (JCISD). Eligibility is determined by referral to the TEAM. TEAM members consist of parents/guardians, all JCISD assigned personnel, special education teachers, classroom teachers, and building co-principals. Resource services are provided within the classroom. Additional programs and support services are provided based upon each child’s needs and may include a categorical classroom placement.

Library/Media Center

A media teacher, assisted by library aides, provides weekly services to the elementary students. Children go to the library on a regular basis to exchange books, hear stories, and learn media skills. Please help your child return library books on time. All Kindergarten students can check out one book each week. Children can check out books outside of their scheduled library day. Books that are lost or destroyed must be replaced at the current replacement price according to the Board of Education policy.

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