Mission statement we, the elementary staff of napoleon community schools

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The school adheres to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act of 1977. All information requested by a parent/guardian of a child would be available upon request.


Twice a year, parents are invited to the school to have a conference with the teacher regarding pupil progress. One conference time per student is scheduled. Please do not request separate conferences for blended families. Parents may request a conference at other times by calling the student’s teacher.

The Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) test is administered to all third, fourth and fifth graders. Information will be utilized for individual student analyses and curriculum adjustments. Awards are given to each student who satisfactorily completes each section of the MEAP.

  1. Third graders will take the English Language Arts and Math tests.

  2. Fourth graders will take the English Language Arts, Math and Writing tests.

  3. Fifth graders will take a Science test, English Language Arts, and Math tests.

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