Mission statement we, the elementary staff of napoleon community schools

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A student will be considered truant if they are absent for 10 days or more without valid/lawful excuses. The following lists of circumstances are the only valid/lawful school absences:

  • Sickness with a doctor's note

  • Doctor appointments

  • Religious holidays

  • Extreme family emergency

  • Lice (3-5 days)

  • Funeral (2 days)

  • Suspensions (less than 10 days)

The following lists of circumstances that are invalid school absences:

  • Staying home to babysit

  • Too tired

  • Travel

  • Needed at home

  • Weather

  • Missed bus or kicked off the bus

  • Child is not immunized

  • Overslept

  • Sickness (no doctor's note)

  • Chronic lice (over 5 days)

  • Suspensions (over 10 days)

Parents are responsible for notifying the classroom teacher when their child is going to be absent. Unexcused absences are absences that lack appropriate documentation. These unexcused absences may have, as a result, disciplinary consequences. All children returning to school after any absence(s) should have a note from a parent or guardian explaining the reason. Notes are to be given to the child’s teacher.
Whenever possible, extended absence due to health or other reasons should be brought to the attention of the teacher prior to the occurrence. Anytime a student is absent it is their responsibility to complete the work they missed. Since much of the direct instruction can not be made up, grades may be adversely affected by excessive absences.
If you choose to remove your child(ren) from school for a family vacation, all assignments will be provided to your child(ren) upon his/her return to school. There is a one week window to complete all assignments or a “zero” will be recorded in the grade book. During your child's time away from school, please continue to support academic learning. Your child can still read 30 minutes before bedtime and keep a daily journal with a focus on mathematics and written expression.

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