Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Conference Coordinator’s Report

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NWAC/ Sisters in Spirit
The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is interested in establishing some form of partnership with the committee overseeing the conference. John McDonald is in the process of reviewing the conference with NWAC to determine the parameters of the partnership. I have also had several conversations with John McDonald (Communications) about the conference, the use of the NWAC/ Sisters in Spirit logo and the possibility of having representatives from NWAC attend the conference. He indicated that NWAC has several visual identity restrictions, including that the logo may be used only once on any type of promotional materials (ie. if it appears on the poster, it may not appear on the brochure). John also indicated that NWAC has a limited budget and, as such, the conference must pay travel, accommodation and an honorarium for anyone attending the conference.

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