Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Conference Coordinator’s Report

Correspondence/ Posters/ Informational Materials

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Correspondence/ Posters/ Informational Materials
Three pamphlets have been completed, including a conference pamphlet for sponsors, a pamphlet on the spring and winter courses and a conference for speakers, families and other individuals who are interested in attending the conference. Letters are in the process of being drafted for speakers, sponsors, and various organizations, which include community, provincial, national and international agencies. Tribal councils and independent councils throughout Saskatchewan will also receive these letters. The committee has compiled a 15-page contact list and all potential speakers, sponsors and organizations will receive an informational mail-out within the next week. Gwenda Yuzicappi gave the committee her permission to have her daughter’s image on the pamphlets. She also suggested that the committee asks families for photographs, which would be used in future campaigns.
After a meeting-presentation and several phone conversations, SIAST has agreed to design all posters, conference brochures and sponsorship brochures by December. The New Media program has also made a tentative offer to print these materials. This work is being completed pro bono. In the next few months, I will have on-going contact with the students and instructors about the design work. In addition to these promotional materials, Jody Hilderman has agreed to work on the conference website and will set up on-line conference registration and conference sponsorship. Jody has also offered to construct the website without charge.
Eriel Deranger is helping the committee set up a central communications and information website through Taking It Global. This will help keep all members informed of any conference related events or conference updates.

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