Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Conference Coordinator’s Report

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Isabel Arvide

In two decades as a journalist, Isabel Arvide has written many exposés about drug traffickers, corruption, and violence in Mexico. In 1996, Arvide wrote the book Muerte en Juárez (Death in Juarez), which chronicles Arvide’s investigation into the disappearance and murder of her friend, Heidi Slauquet. Since publishing the book, Arvide has accused Mexican authorities of complicity and corruption, linking the killings of women in Juárez with powerful drug cartels and complicit government officials.

Arvide’s journalistic work on the murder of girls and women in Juárez has made her a target for death threats and assignation attempts. She has also been arrested and detained twice for defamation against a state prosecutor in Chihuahua.

Arvide is known for her political commentaries, novels, erotic poetry, biographical writing and interviews. In 1984, she was the first woman to receive the National Journalism Prize for her work,
Her daily column is published in 15 newspapers across the country.
Kim Erno
Kim Erno is an ordained ELCA pastor with more than 20 years of parish ministry experience. He has worked with various solidarity organizations related to El Salvador and Mexico. Before this assignment, he was a mission developer serving a Latino community in Washington, D.C.

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