Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Conference Coordinator’s Report

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Cynthia Bejarano
Cynthia L. Bejarano, a native of Southern New Mexico and the El-Paso/Juárez border, is an assistant professor of Criminal Justice at New Mexico State University. Her publications and research interests focus on border violence; race, class, and gender issues; and Latino youths’ border identities in the Southwest.

Bejarano was recently awarded a 1.3 million dollar grant to assist migrant and seasonal farmworker children to attend New Mexico State University. She has been an advocate and activist working with the families of disappeared and murdered women in Ciudad Juarez for five years, and works closely with people at Casa Amiga, the rape crisis center in Ciudad Juarez. She is also the co-founder of Amigos de las Mujeres de Juarez, an NGO dedicated to assisting the women of Juarez in their fight for justice.

Marisela Ortiz

Marisela Ortiz is the Director of Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa (Our Daughters on Their Way Back Home), a non-profit organization composed of mothers, family members and friends of murdered women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. A psychologist with a Masters degree in special education, she has taught at the Escuela Normal Superior de Chihuahua for the past 20 years, specializing in professional development. She continues to work with adolescents and also trains middle school teachers in her entire region.

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