Miss Evers’ Boys

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Miss Evers’ Boys”

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Answer the following questions based on the movie Miss Evers Boys.

    1. The men in the movie appear to be wary of participating in a government study. Why?

    1. What was Miss Evers' initial reason for participating in the study?

    1. What was the full name of the study and what was it intended to examine?

    1. How does Dr. Douglas persuade Willie to have his blood drawn?

    1. What argument does Dr. Douglas use with Dr. Brodus to allow the study to continue?

    1. What was the reason that syphilis was not considered worthy of government research funds?

    1. What is Miss Evers' objection to the proposed study? How is her objection overcome by both doctors?

    1. Why didn't the "boys" receive penicillin when it became available?

    1. Why isn't the study terminated even when the results are absolutely clear?

    1. The study participants were offered "free doctoring." In your judgment, what were some of the ways that this promise was met, and what were some ways it was not met (a question of treatment vs. research)?

    1. The study asks a basic research question: “Is the rate and progression of syphilis in the Black male the same as that for the White male?” Is that, in your opinion, a legitimate scientific question? Explain.

    1. In what ways was the Scientific Method used in this study? In what ways was it misused?

Use a search engine to answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use the given key word combinations to search.
Search for syphilis.

  1. What is syphilis?

  1. What are the symptoms of syphilis?

  1. How is syphilis treated?

  1. How is it transmitted?

Search for syphilis and Tuskegee experiment.

  1. What was the original mission of the Rosenwald Fund?

  1. How did the focus of the project change when the money from the Rosenwald Fund dried up?

  1. What was the Tuskegee experiment?

  1. For how long did the Tuskegee experiment continue?

  1. How and when did information about the experiment come to the public’s attention?

  1. What were the effects of the publicity about the Tuskegee experiment?

  1. What do you think about the Tuskegee Experiment? How did this movie make you feel?

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