Miracle of the spirit

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To sum up: Myth is humanity's attempt to grasp the reason and the purpose for existence. Speaking in a language of metaphor and symbol, it creates vivid worlds and beings that, though they don't always refer directly to the ordinary world around us, still provide answers to our fundamental questions about the true nature of the world around us. Whether you believe in myth or not, you will probably agree that the spectacle it has created, its unforgettable language of powerful, evocative images, has fired our collective imagination for millennium. As Campbell explains, myth is the "homeland of the Muse." "It inspires the arts, music, poetry. To see life as a poem, to see yourself participating in that poem is what myth does for us."


Analyze "Genesis" to determine whether it meets these "four functions of myth" that Campbell describes

Compare/contrast "Genesis" and "The Blackfoot Genesis"

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