Minutes of Regular Meeting The Board of Education Carlsbad Municipal Schools

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Minutes of Regular Meeting
The Board of Education

Carlsbad Municipal Schools

A Regular meeting of the Board of Education of Carlsbad Municipal Schools was held Tuesday, November 16, 2010, beginning at 6:00 PM in the Board Room, 408 N. Canyon, Carlsbad, N.M..




Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Pres. Singleton at 6:03 pm. Board members in attendance were Ms. Campos, Dr. Carleton, Mr. Dorado, Pres. Singleton. Mr. West was absent.


Salute to flags: Mr. Dorado


Consideration to amend or revise and approve agenda: Pres. Singleton appointed Ms. Campos to serve as Secretary in Mr. West’s absence. Motion was made by Mr. Dorado to approve agenda as stands with Ms. Campos being appointed to serve as Secretary for this meeting. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


All of the following items were reviewed and approved by Sheri Williams, Superintendent of Carlsbad Municipal Schools. Agenda items were prepared and reviewed by those parties stated on the Agenda item.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Motion was made by Mr. Dorado to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2010 meeting. Motion carried by unanimous vote.




Superintendent's Honor Roll: Superintendent Williams introduced Megan Estrada who won the “100 Best” Essay Contest. Maegan currently serves as BPA President and read her essay on “Why I Like Growing Up in Carlsbad”.
Chip Duggar was recognized for being nominated as a finalist for the Wendy’s High School Heisman New Mexico State Finalist as a CHS boys soccer senior defender.
Michaela Johnson was honored for winning the District 4-5A Cross Country Championship. The team finished third. Ms. Johnson also finished 16th in the State Cross Country finals. The boys Cross Country team also finished third at District with Jerom Boswell leading the team with a ninth place finish.
The CMS Choir program was recognized for the impressive number of students that were chosen to participate in the New Mexico All-State Choirs.

The students and their directors are listed below:

New Mexico All-State Children’s Choir – Roseann Higham, Noni Kneeland

and Kathy Otupal, Directors

Brooklyn Becker Rebekah Harvey

JonMichael Fernandez Sydney Kneeland

Terra Parrott Bradon Lofton
New Mexico All State Youth Choir – Ken Miller and Noni Kneeland,


DeLanie Allen Joshua Miller

Pranav Athigaman Jasmine Sahd

Evan Cross James Thompson

Jharyss Granger Andra Twitchell

Skylar Menuey McKayla Westfall

Daniel Miller Adelaid Simmons (home schooled)

New Mexico All-State Choir – Ken Miller, Director

Pranav Athigaman Jaycie Henson Robby Oliphant

Robin Bindel Brianna Hunt Chance Najera

Abigail Buckholz Janecia Jones Quinton Schrock

Charlie Camarena Stephanie Kurimski Miranda Stroble

Aaron Dockery Javier Lopez Joseph Sturdevant

Ryann Farris Aaron Martinez James Thompson

Jordan Fierro Mariah McClintock Angelica Torres

Colton Hardy Pauline McDaniel Mikayla Twitchell

Sierra Hatch Joshua Miller Antoinette West

Abigail Buckholz, Aaron Dockery, Pauline McDaniel and Miranda Stroble have been named as finalists in the Honors Choir for the 2011 American High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall in February 2011. These four students were the only vocal performers chosen from New Mexico.
Mr. Miller led the combined group in “My Country Tis of Thee”.
Linda Servold, long time CMS music instructor, was recognized for being inducted into the New Mexico Music Educators Association Hall of Fame. The District recognizes and celebrates her contributions to countless CMS students over the past thirty years.

The CHS Forestry Team and their sponsor, Leslie Clark, were honored for their success at the National competition. The team as a whole received a bronze rating. Wilsan Wilkie received an individual bronze rating and Jessie Bass, Ryan McGilvray and Joseph Ogden received individual silver ratings.

Damian Armijo was recognized for being selected as one of only two teachers in the state to receive the New Mexico Academy of Science Outstanding Science Teacher Award. Mr. Armijo thanked AV Principal, Claudia Krause-Johnson for her support.
ECEC Principal, Misti Fernandez, nominated Debbie Kober, Instructional Assistant at Emmitt Smith Preschool for the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. Ms. Kober has been with the district for 22 years. She is a “Jill of all trades” and is willing and happy to do anything that is asked of her. The Preschool Center is honored to have Ms. Kober as a positive role model for parents, students and staff.
Cecilia Fierro, second grade teacher at Puckett Elementary, was nominated for the Superintendent’s Honor Roll by Principal Deborah Beard. Ms. Beard says “Ms. Fierro is the driving force behind creativity, fun and innovative instruction at Puckett”.
Mary Dominguez, Educational Assistant at Alta Vista, was nominated by AV Principal, Claudia Krause-Johnson. Ms. Krause-Johnson informed the Board that Ms. Dominguez is the go to person when an extra hand is needed for school activities.
Shirley Jones, Special Education Coordinator, was given a Certificate of Achievement that was awarded by the NM Public Education Department showing that the CMS SPED department meets requirements under IDEA. Superintendent Williams noted that Ms. Jones exemplifies the hard work necessary to support students with special needs. Ms. Jones thanked a dedicated staff that made the program successful.




No one requested to address the Board.




*Authorization to pay bills, approve District Cash report, approve Budget Report for the previous month and accept donations as included within the agenda.


*Temporary Cash Transfer from Operational to Food Service Fund

Motion made by Ms. Campos to approve the consent agenda that being items *5A-*5B. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


Title IV-A 2010-11 Initial Budget: The Board was asked to approve the Title IV-A 2010-11 Initial Budget. LaVern Shan, Director of Elementary Education explained that these funds are carried over from last year’s budget. The funds will be utilized to provide professional development and materials for teachers, counselors and other district staff regarding bully-proofing our schools.
Motion was made by Ms. Campos to approve item 5C. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


Bid Awards for the 2010-11 School Year Contract Related Service Providers RFP #2010-2011-03: Shirley Jones, Special Education Coordinator, requested the Board approve the RFP for Contracted Related Services. These services are required by IEP. Service providers are often difficult to recruit in our area and contractual services are the only way that the district can provide the required services. The district will not be charged unless the services are used.
Motion was made by Dr. Carleton to approve item 5D. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


Elevator Maintenance contract for the Carlsbad Municipal Schools' Six Elevators: The Board was asked to approve the award of a five year elevator maintenance contract to Otis Elevator. Erich Francke, Director of Operations noted this was a GSA contract and would give the district a single point of accountability to keep the six elevators in working condition. Funds will be budgeted annually from SB9 in the amount of $8,496.00. Parts and labor are included in the amount. Otis Elevator has an office in Roswell.
Motion was made by Dr. Carleton to approve item 5E. Motion carried by unanimous vote.




Overnight Middle School Student Travel - Carlsbad High School Swim Team and Cavemen Wrestling Team: The Board was asked to approve overnight middle school travel for the CHS Swim Team and Wrestling Team for students that may qualify to attend the events.
Motion was made by Pres. Singleton to approve item 6A. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Ms. Campos stated she felt the information was vague since the events were so far in the future and requested more detail and Mr. Cahenzli responded that such information would be provided.


ADMINISTRATION: Superintendent Williams requested that item 7C be addressed before item 7A. The Board agreed to the change.


Action on Board Direction Concerning Elementary Homework: Dr. Carleton had requested the Board look at a policy to ban elementary school homework. In researching the issue, Superintendent Williams requested input from elementary teachers, the Student Advisory Council and the District Advisory School Council. She also presented information from Hanover Research on the subject. Chip Duggar, Kristen Marrs and Kaitlin Frederick volunteered to present to the Board what their group believed were the pros and cons of banning homework. Miss Frederick thanked the Board for listening to student voices as she felt students were not always heard. Discussion ensued with Dr. Carleton stating from resource documents. She said one of the biggest problems with homework was the teacher could not know for sure who had done the work. Mr. Dorado stated that professionals teaching in the district should determine what is appropriate.

Merci Montoya, Craft Principal and Deborah Beard, Puckett Principal presented the results of the elementary teachers’ survey. The majority of the teachers were in favor of limited homework at the elementary level.

Dr. Carleton made a motion to table the item for want of more study. Jay Francis, legal counsel, noted that the item was asking for direction as to whether the Superintendent should begin to draft a policy. Dr. Carleton withdrew the motion to table.
After continued discussion about the desired direction of the Board, motion was made by Dr. Carleton to direct administration to look into a policy of elementary homework. Motion died by a vote of two to two with Dr. Carleton and Ms. Campos voting yes and Mr. Dorado and Pres. Singleton voting no.


Resolution and Proclamation Calling for Election to the Board of Education and General Obligation Bond Election: The Board was requested to approve the resolution and proclamation calling for election to the Board of Education and general obligation bond election. Pres. Singleton asked for questions but none were raised. Mr. Dorado made a motion to approve item 7A. Motion died with a vote of two to two with Mr. Dorado and Pres. Singleton voting yes and Ms. Campos and Dr. Carleton voting no.
Pres. Singleton noted that with this vote no Board of Education election could be held. Discussion followed since the election must be held according to law. The discussion centered on some Board members wanting to have separate resolutions and proclamations for the two items. Mr. Francis noted that having one document for both was done historically. Also, both elections were held at the same time to minimize election costs. Mr. Williams suggested that in order for the Board to be able to readdress the item, Mr. Dorado would have to withdraw his motion. Mr. Dorado made a motion to withdraw the motion to approve item 7A. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Discussion ensued. Laura Garcia noted that the resolutions were done as one because that was the standard of prior elections. She also told the Board there was a timeline in place that the district was required to follow.
Discussion continued as to how and if the resolution could be divided and the legality. Mr. Francis suggested a short break. The Board took a break at 8:10 pm.
The Board came back in session at 8:25 pm.
Motion was made by Dr. Carleton to approve the resolution and proclamation for the Board of Education election. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Mr. Francis read the resolution and proclamation for the election to the Board. Ms. Campos noted the resolution called for a second to the motion to approve. Mr. Dorado seconded the motion.
The Board was asked to approve the resolution and proclamation for the general obligation bond election. Ms. Garcia spoke to the Board that the election is scheduled for February 1, 2011 for a general obligation bond that continues with the current tax rate. If the election is not held at this time a tax reduction will occur and it would be more difficult to pass in increase in the future. Election costs are around $6,000. Dr. Carleton asked if the rate would only increase in the amount it decreased. It would depend on the rates in place at election time. Currently 85% of the tax base is non-residential with 15% residential. Once the tax rate is set it remains constant during the life of the bond.

Motion was made by Mr. Dorado, seconded by Pres. Singleton to approve the resolution and proclamation for the general obligation bond election. Motion carried by a vote of three to one with Dr. Carleton voting against. Dr. Carleton stated that she felt during these tough economic times she did not want to ask the voters to continue with the tax. Pres. Singleton said he felt the voters should be given the opportunity to make that decision.


1st Reading and Review of Revised Policies GCQF Discipline, Suspension, Termination and Discharge of Professional Staff Members and GDQD Discipline, Suspension, Termination and Discharge of Support Staff Members: The Board was requested to review on first reading the recommended revisions to Policies GCQF and DGQD. No action was required.




Budget Update: Cumulative Impact on SEG Funding by Laura Garcia: Laura Garcia, Director of Finance, reported to the Board on the impact of the decrease in SEG funding from the state. She noted that the rate has decreased since 2008 and it is projected that 2011/2012 will continue with the downward trend. Since 2008 State education funding has decreased by 12-15%. Although there is much speculation, it is not known at this time what the actual figures will be. Troubles with the Medicaid program are also effecting our funding as the State does not provide funding for school nurses out of Medicaid. Each percent of funding cuts equals approximately one-half million dollars in the district’s budget. The district will begin in December to study the upcoming budget with all stakeholders and will also include parents in the budget development process. The Board was reminded that federal stabilization funds and educational jobs monies will not be available to backfill the cuts from the state. Currently federal stabilization funds account for 16 FTE and educational jobs monies funds 18 FTE.
Next month the Board will receive a report on the funding of the SPED and Bilingual programs.




Review Personnel Report: The Board reviewed the Personnel Report.


Review out-of-state travel: The Board reviewed the out-of-state travel.


Motion was made by the Chair to convene in closed session to discuss Superintendent evaluation per 10-15-1 H (2), pending litigation per 10-15-1 H (7) and real property per 10-15-1 H (8) by roll call vote; Ms. Campos, yea; Dr. Carleton, yea; Mr. Dorado, yea; Pres. Singleton, yea. Board convened in closed session at 9:11pm.
Motion was made by the Chair to reconvene from closed session by roll call vote at 10:37 pm; Ms. Campos, yea; Dr. Carleton, yea; Mr. Dorado, yea; Pres. Singleton, yea. Items discuss in closed session were limited to those listed in the motion to go to closed session namely Superintendent evaluation per 10-15-1 H (2), pending litigation per 10-15-1 H (7) and real property per 10-15-1 H (8).



Nov. 22-26 Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 30 Forum for potential school board candidates, 6-7 pm, led by Pres. Singleton. The “declaration of candidacy/statement of intent" form will be distributed along with “What you Need to Know for the 2011 Regular School District Election.”

Dec. 3-4 NMSBA Annual Convention

CMS Workshop at NMSBA Annual Meeting on "21st Century Facilities for 21st Century Learners," led by Pres. Singleton and Marianne Williamson

Dec. 14 Board Meeting

Feb. 1 Vote on continuation of $7m School Bond Election and Election of School Board Members
Mar. 1 Special Meeting, 6pm, to administer oath of office
Ms. Campos noted that the new Board members should be inducted onto the Board before the NMSBA Board Institute in February. The Special Board meeting will be moved up from March 1st, date and time to be determined.
Ms. Campos volunteered to serve on the agenda review committee.
All Board members will be attending the NMSBA Annual Convention in December.

Superintendent Williams will be staying in Carlsbad due to the “Cody Ross Day”

scheduled activities.
December: Results of the YRRS Data, focus on Bullying/Suicide Prevention

January: Improving graduation rates

February: High-probability strategies for at-risk adolescent students

March: Recruiting, evaluating and supporting teacher effectiveness

April: Alternative revenue generating strategies and value-added partnerships
N.M. School Boards Association upcoming meetings

Dec. 3-4, 2010 Annual Convention, Albuquerque, N.M.

Feb. 18-19, 2011 Board Institute, Santa Fe, N.M.

April 9-11, 2011 NSBA Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA

April 29 – 30, 2011 Celebrating Educational Opportunities for Students of All Cultures, Santa Fe, N.M.

June 10 -11, 2011 Law Conference, Albuquerque, N.M.

July 5 – 16, 2011 Leaders Retreat, Cloudcroft, N.M.


MOTION TO ADJOURN: Motion was made by Dr. Carleton to adjourn the meeting at 10:47 pm. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


Ron Singleton, Board President


Steve West, Board Secretary

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