Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

Maria Perry discharged 25 Feb. Mrs John Moulton

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Maria Perry discharged 25 Feb.

Mrs John Moulton discharged 6 March.

Mr HH Harding discharged 7 March.

Mrs Churchill discharged 8 March.

Mr Yeoman reported that he had about £60 in hand.

EM Bald.

Monday 23 March 1931 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Bowen, Mr Crossman, Rev CJ Burrough, Rev H Averay Jones, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler, Mr Yeoman.

Mrs Alice Manning of Watley's End was admitted 11 March. The Glos Health Committee will be answerable for the payment. Her baby boy was born the same day.

Nurse’s salary to be raised from £55 to £60 a year.

The Public Assistance Committee proposes to build a hospital at Thornbury unless 40 beds can be provided by the voluntary hospitals at Berkeley, Almondsbury, Chipping Sodbury & Hambrook. The Home Committee feel against the scheme owing to the difficulty of space in the hospital, but felt in sympathy with the other hospitals.

Charlotte G Tyler.

Monday 6 April 1931 Miss Tyler, Mrs Bowen,Mrs Skelton, Mr Yeoman.

Mrs Mercy Cox of the Almshouses, Winterbourne, was admitted 9 March and assessed at her old age pension.

Miss Pendred of Chipping Sodbury admitted 20 March at £3/3/- a week.

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