Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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George Edward Bisp of Winterbourne was admitted 28 Oct. He is working at the Potteries, Fishponds, who will pay 21/- a week.

Joan Stark of Winterbourne admitted 1 Nov. Enquiries to be made about her payment.

Mrs Hale discharged 9 Sep.

Mrs Flook discharged 31 Oct.

Mrs Badman discharged 1 Nov.

The Pound Day was a great success. 10/- was sent by the Indoor Staff of Brislington House, and who asked for a collecting box.

Mrs Badman paid at the rate of 15/- a week.

Charlotte G Tyler.
Monday 17 Nov 1930 Miss Tyler, Mrs Bowen, Miss Guise, Mrs Skelton, Miss M Warner, Mr Yeoman.

The £31/1/11 received on Pound Day should be placed in the Building Fund, which is overdrawn.

Nurse Findlay resigned her post as assistant-nurse from 13 Nov to take up new work as District Nurse at Over Stowey. Mrs Elliott to advertise for an assistant-nurse, letters to be addressed to the Matron.

£5 donation received from the Frampton Cotterell Horticultural Society from their Show in August.

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