Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Miss Ethel Cooper of Ashchurch admitted 9 Aug at 20/- a week.

Charles Huish [Hewish ?]was removed to Chipping Sodbury Union Hospital on 2 August.

Mrs Anthony discharged 9 Aug to Bristol Royal Infirmary, after one night.

Mrs Elizabeth Thomas discharged 11 Aug.

Mr Yeoman [Hon Sec] had made out that the cost of each patient was 36/- a week.

ME Warner.
Monday 25 Aug 1930 Miss M Warner, Mrs Skelton, Mr Yeoman.

A letter was read from the Public Assistance Offices in ref to 2 payments undertaken by the late Chipping Sodbury Guardians, sating that the Committee had decided to make a donation to the Hospital & that therefore the Assistance Committee were not likely to pay the account. Mrs Elliott was asked to write to Mr Phillips (of late Guardians) & to place the circumstances before him.

Miss Crouch of Fishponds admitted 14 Aug at 3gns for the week & 3 days she was in the private ward, and one guinea per week in the main ward.

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