Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Tony Huggins discharged 26 July.

Mrs Craig discharged 12 July.

Mrs Skelton handed 12gns to the Treasurer as the result of her entertainment.

A letter was read from Mr H Edwards of the Labour Party expressing satisfaction that a District Nurse shall be appointed at some future date, and saying that they would support any efforts for financing the same.

EM Bald.
Monday 28 July 1930 Rev EM Bald,, Mrs Bowen, ,Mrs Skelton, Miss M Warner, Mr Yeoman.

Charles Samuel Hewish [Huish ?] of Gloucester Rd, Hambrook, admitted 18 July and assessed at his old age pension, 10/- a week.

Mrs Annie Bawn discharged 18 July.

Alice Pigram discharged 23 July.

Mrs Destin discharged 23 July.

Mrs Olive Evans discharged 25 July.

Georgina C Bowen.

Monday 11 Aug 1930 Mrs Bowen, Mrs Skelton, Miss M Warner, Mr Yeoman.

Mrs Eatrek of Horfield was admitted 28 July at 21/- a week.

Mrs Skuse of Winterbourne Down was admitted 29 July. The County Health Committee promised a grant. Her baby boy was born 30 July.

Mrs Elton of Winterbourne Down was admitted 9 Aug at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee. Her baby girl was born the same day.

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