Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Mapstone is paying for Mrs Ford to sit up at night.

Letter received re Capel’s legacy, but nothing definite stated.

Mrs Lawrence discharged 19 June.

Mrs Nichols discharged 18 June.

Alice Pegram discharged 17 June.

Mrs H Craig discharged 19 June.

Mrs P Pinnell discharged 19 June.

GV Guise.

15 July 1929 Miss Guise, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler, Miss M Warner, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Alston.

The Hon Treasurer reported that he only had a balance in hand of £9 and asked for permission to overdraw the account.

Mrs J Withers, Sturden Court, admitted 13 July at 1gn a week.

Mrs Hillier was assessed at 10/- a week, being the amount of her old age pension. Matron reported that the relations were not able to pay the night nurse in full, but had brought a few shillings & would do as much as they could.

Mrs John Fox, Frenchay, to be admitted as soon as vacancy occurs.

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