Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Ethel Tanner discharged 28 Feb.

Kenneth Lloyd Edwards discharged 1 March.

Keith Ockwell discharged 2 March.

EM Bald.
25 March 1929 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Skelton, Miss Guise, Miss Warner, Mrs Elliott, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Bowen.

The Maternity & Child Welfare of the Glos County Council are ready to accept responsibility for Mrs Davies Expenses and had sent cheque for £6/1/6.

The Case of Nellie Curtis is pronounced TB. She can stay for a fortnight. Dr Crossman to be asked if she can be transferred straight to Standish.

Sun Assurance acknowledge premium of £1/12/0. They are to be asked if valuation of £2000 is sufficient, and if the furniture is also covered.

Letter to be written to enquire after the Capel Legacy.

Rev E Phillips has given a gift of a water-bed.

Matron’s request for leave from tomorrow to Friday granted.

Dorothy Hathway, Cross Hands, Frampton Cotterell, admitted 14 March, assessed at her health insurance.

Ethel Wheeler, Winterbourne, admitted 14 March at 15/- a week.

James Follett, 2 New Council Houses, Coalpit Heath, assessed at 20/-.

Mr Eli Bailey discharged 18 March.

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