Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

Mrs Vosper discharged 12 Nov. Gordon Yeoman

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Mrs Vosper discharged 12 Nov.

Gordon Yeoman.
29 Nov 1926 Mr Yeoman, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Alston, Miss H Surtees, Miss Tyler & Miss Guise.

Mrs Gay was discharged 18 Nov.

Mrs Green was discharged 25 Nov.

The Nurse’s Room: the Architect, Mr Hartland Thomas, said it would be better to remove part of the wall between the room and Mrs Bowen’s garden – a lot of leaves had collected there and were causing the damp. Mr England to arrange this and see the work while it was in progress.

Miss Surtees kindly offered a ¾ size air bed and some pictures; gratefully accepted.

EM Bald.
13 Dec 1926 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Tanner, Mrs Tuckett, Miss Guise, Miss Tyler & Mrs Alston.

Mr Crossman objected to the trees being cut; so no action taken.

Matron could find no place for the pictures offered by Miss Surtees, so they had to be declined with thanks.

A cheque for £50 had been received from the estate of the late Miss Robinson; it must be used and not invested.

Mrs Tovey, Frampton Cotterell, admitted 29 Nov with a broken ankle; assessed at 1 guinea a week.

Allen Tomas, Hambrook, admitted 8 Dec, aged 5. Assess later.

EM Bald.
27 Dec 1926 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Tuckett, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Bowen.

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