Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

Mrs Reed’s baby boy born 10 July. Mr Thomas Buchanan

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Mrs Reed’s baby boy born 10 July.

Mr Thomas Buchanan, butler to Major Watts, Iron Acton, admitted 7 July at £1 a week.

Mr King, Yate, admitted 9 July at £1.

Mrs Lockyer, Winterbourne Down, admitted 11 July; baby girl born 12 July, assessed at 15/- a week + maternity fee.

EM Bald.
30 July 1928 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Tanner, Mrs Skelton, Miss H Surtees, Miss Tyler, Mrs Elliott, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Bowen, Mr Crossman.

Treasury Bonds now converted.

Vita Glass: reports unsatisfactory; ordinary glass to be used.

Estimates to be sought for the Women’s Ward windows, raising the ceiling in the Maternity Ward, building a small room adjoining the coal cellar, repair ceiling and colour of Women’s Ward.

Mr Pendock’s estimate of £13/17/6 for painting passage, hall, stairs, landing and bathroom was accepted. Also £4/3/6 for repairs to lavatory & wash-house.

Letter re Winterbourne British Legion grant for Mrs Lockyer was read out [very confusing, so won’t bore you with it].

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