Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mr [or Mrs ?] Anstey, Watley's End, admitted 25 Oct.

Mrs Curtis left 25 Oct.

William Bryant left 29 Oct.

Charlotie G Tyler.
15 Nov 1926 Miss Tyler, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Tuckett, Mrs Tanner, Mrs Alston.

Mr England, on behalf of Mr Ford, reported that the cause of the damp in the Nurse’s room partly due to cement between the wall and the lavatory was cracked and partly due to the supporting wall between the room and Mrs Bowen’s garden, which should be removed. Advice to be sought from the Architect, Mr Hartland Thomas.

Mrs Alice Gay admitted 5 Nov, assessed at 30/- a week and the maternity fee.

Mrs Gwendoline Green admitted 11 Nov, assessed the same.

Mrs Vizzard, 11 Nov; 15/- a week before birth of baby, 20/- a week afterwards, and the maternity fee as well if she can afford it.

Mr Anstey to pay 11/- a week.

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