Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

Mrs Vauden discharged 8th May. Mrs Muriel Hodge

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Mrs Vauden discharged 8th May.

Mrs Muriel Hodge discharged 12 May.

Mrs Edith Dust discharged 10 May.

EM Bald.
4 June 1928 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Skelton, Miss H Surtees, Miss Tyler, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Alston.

Cheque for £250 received from T Moore.

Ivy Criddle admitted again 22 May, at 10/- a week.

Mrs Draisey, Staple Hill, admitted 21 May at 30/- a week and 30/- maternity fee.

Mrs Thomas, Hambrook, admitted 29 May; assessed the £2 Insurance and 5/- a week extra.

Alice Pigram admitted 4 May at 1g a week.

Mrs Roche admitted 31 may at 5/- a week.

The Committee inspected the Kitchen and decided the sink was to remain as it is for the time, with the addition of an extra board. Refrigerator to be sold & replaced by a Kitchen What Not.

Laurel bush outside back door to be cut back.

Work necessary to be done in the wards to be assessed.

EM Bald.
18 June 1928 Rev EM Bald, Miss GV Guise, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Alston, Mrs Elliott, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Bowen.

After further investigation of the scullery, it was decided it should be remodelled with new sink and draining board, tiles behind, plate rack, shelf below, fresh concrete in floor, walls whitewashed, larder limewashed, shelf over door, refrigerator removed to the shed and used in case of hot weather, and no Kitchen What Not purchased. Estimate to be obtained from Mr TB Pendock.

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