Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Montague Brookes’ estimate of £5/10/0 for removing old grate and replacing was accepted.

Also agreed that the leaking flat roof of the Women’s ward be treated with Montague Brookes’ bitumastic.

Mr Coles (Trustee) recommends converting War Bonds into 5% Treasury Bonds. Agreed to get signatures of Trustees.

Mrs Bernard Eley, May’s Hill, admitted 25 Dec for treatment; assessed at 21/- a week.

Mrs Irene Cook, 9 Park Rd, Staple Hill, admitted 25 Dec at 30/- a week, plus maternity fee 30/-.

Mrs Jestina May discharged 22 Dec 1927.

Mrs Sawyer discharged 31 Dec 1927. GV Guise.
16 Jan 1928 Miss GV Guise, Mrs Tuckett, Miss H Surtees, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Bowen.

Re Henry Allen: it was found impossible to move him as he was dying. He died a few days after. His insurance of 9/- weekly was paid; Mr Burrough kindly holding himself responsible for the many extra expenses.

The new grate is excellent for heating the room.

The War Loan was converted to 5% Treasury Bonds.

Bad weather has prevented the repair of the women’s ward roof. When finished, the walls will have to be re-washed with colour.

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