Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Marjorie Alsopp, The Ridge, Coalpit Heath admitted 14 Oct at 30/- a week, plus 30/- maternity fee.

Miss Florence Henley, 21 Kingsland Rd (Wills Employee) admitted 15 Oct at 21/- a week. The hut to be left in its present position until the Matron’s return.

Mr Sydney Smith’s account of £12/12/0 unpaid. Mr Yeoman was asked to send him “Account Rendered”.

Miss Margery Chappel discharged 20 Oct.

Alice Tuckett.

Maggs , Frampton Cotterell, admitted 3 Oct at 10/- a week.H
Parish Magazine, October 1927…


Saturday, October 29th, 1927. All friends of the Hospital are earnestly requested to contribute for its benefit.

ONE POUND OR MORE IN Gold, silver, Copper, notes, tea, coffee, cocoa, rice, sago, soda, soap, vim, jam, sugar, marmalade, treacle, flour, bacon, bovril, benger's food. Pounds labelled "Hospital" may be left at Cliff Court, the Rectory, or the Hospital.

7 Nov 1927 Mrs Tuckett, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Dando, Mrs Skelton, Miss H Surtees, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Alston.

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