Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Norah Rodman, Coalpit Heath, admitted 20 March at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee. Her baby boy was born the same day.

Mrs Phyllis Curtis, May’s Hill, admitted 22 March, a Public Assistance case.

Miss Frances Blanch, Hallen, admitted 20 March at 1gn a week.

Due to the Silver Jubilee celebrations it would not be wise to have a Fete this year. Mr Crossman suggested that different gardens should be thrown open on certain dates during the summer to raise funds for the hospital.

Mrs James Knapp discharged 23 March.

Miss Agnes Duffus discharged 23 March.

Georgina C Bowen.

8 April 1935 Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Alston.

Mrs Cecil Fry and Mrs Tanner consented to open their gardens during the summer. Sir Lionel Taylor to be asked if he would open his the same day as Mrs Tanner. The charge to be 6d a head.

Mrs Fred Cordy, Coalpit Heath, admitted 6 April. Some ante-natal treatment is necessary & Matron has written to ask for help from the Public Assistance Board for the maintenance before the birth takes place.

Laying Out – It was reported that certified midwives were not allowed to perform this office and it had been arranged with Mrs Clifford to do this when necessary at a fixed charge of 7/6.

Matron brought her housekeeping book to be scrutinized and there is a deficit balance of about £6.

Mrs Ricketts discharged 27 March.

Mrs Pullen discharged 29 March.

Miss Pritchard discharged 1 April.

Mrs Rodman discharged 3 April.

Frank W Crossman.
21 April 1935 Mr Crossman, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Lys, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Bowen.

Sir Lionel Taylor, Miss Surtees, Mrs Cecil Fry and Mrs Tanner would open their gardens the same day for 1/-. Dr Crossman would open his another day.

Laying Out – Mrs Clifford is satisfied with the fee of 7/6.

Sister Taylor was obliged to go away on the 17th owing to her father’s death, & returned on the 20th.

Miss Agnes Duffus, Church Rd, Frampton, admitted 9 April at 21/-. (District Nurse at Frampton Cotterell).

Kenneth Pederick, The Stream, Hambrook, admitted 17 April at 5/- a week.

Mrs William Taylor, Sturden Cottages, Pye Corner, admitted 17 April. (County Case) Her baby girl was born 19 April.

Miss Harrison, The Manor Mill, admitted 17 April at 3gns a week.

Mrs Fred Cordy, 8 New Engine, Coalpit Heath, admitted 6 April for pre-natal case, left at her own risk 19 April. Assessed at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee.

Mrs William Curtis discharged 13 April.

Mrs Selina Bullock discharged 14 April.

Miss Agnes Duffus discharged 20 April.

Charlotte G Tyler.
6 May 1935 Miss Tyler, Mrs Lys, Mr Crossman, Mrs Elliott.

Mrs Harris of Old Bank Cottage, Chipping Sodbury, admitted 1 May at £3/3/- a week.

Mrs Walter Clifford of the Mill, Frenchay, was admitted 3 May at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee.

Miss Harrison was discharged 5 May.

Matron went for her holiday 3 May.

Gertrude Skelton.
[End of Minutes Book.]

[The policy adopted for this transcription has been to include all items. The sense is maintained but the wording is reduced for convenience.]

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