Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Della Bryant of the Malt House, Winterbourne, admitted 29 Sep. She was discharged 7 Oct and paid 21/- for the week.

Mrs MAH Jones discharged 29 Sep.

Mr Hugh Coles & Mr Vassall both agree to the sale of Consols to pay off the hospital debt. Mr Crossman reported that he also had Captain Jenkins assent. It was proposed that £500 of 4% Consols should be sold, but the question will come up at the next meeting.

Mrs Guest reported that the Fete at Watley's End organised by Mr Chappell of the Boot Store, brought £24/13/-.

Charlotte G Tyler.
22 Oct 1934 Miss Tyler, Mr Crossman, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Lys, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Skelton, Dr Alice Crossman, Mrs Alston.

Albert Hayes admitted 11 Oct, is employed at Filton. Enquiries to be made there to see if he is entitled to sick benefit.

Mrs Scott, Stoke Gifford, admitted 14 Oct at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee. Her baby girl was born the same day.

Mrs Arthur Gray, Easton, admitted 19 Oct and discharged 21 Oct, to be charged 10/- for the 2 days.

Herbert Maggs - the Guardians had agreed to pay 25/- a week for 7 weeks for his case: 5/- for the doctors and 20/- for the hospital.

Selling Stock to pay off the Building Charges – a vote on holding on to the stock or selling them to get rid of the debt was divided equally, Mrs Marsh speaking strongly in favour of not selling stock, the chairman used casting vote in favour of selling. £500 from the 4% consolidated Stock should be sold.

A letter of resignation was received from Rev EM Bald who is shortly leaving Frenchay. Accepted with regret and thanks.

Frank W Crossman.

5 Nov 1934 Mr Crossman, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Crossman, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Lys, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Alston.

A letter from the Aeroplane Co at Filton had replied that the account for Albert Hayes should be sent to them. He was assessed at 1 guinea a week.

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