Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Winnie Muff discharged 6 June.

Miss Emma Meacock discharged 7 June.

Alterations to kitchen range & boiler have made them satisfactory.

Charlotte Tyler.
4 July 1927 Miss Tyler, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Elliott, Skelton, Mrs Alston, Mr Yeoman.

Re Florence Brown: Mrs Elliott had great difficulty in obtaining £2/16/8 from the Insurance for F Brown, less than a third of what is owed. Resolved to accept this as full payment. Mr Elliott was to be thanked for his help in interviews to obtain the money.

The first annual sub of 2 guineas,from the Freemasons of Kingswood Chase, has been received.

Mrs Curtis readmitted 24 June.

Mrs Eliza Tyte admitted 30 June at 3 guineas a week.

Mrs R Hood left 26 June.

Mrs E Churchill left 2 July.

Mrs Gale left 23 June.

EM Bald.
18 July 1927 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Elliott, Miss Guise, Miss H Surtees, Miss Tyler, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Alston, Rev EJ Phillips.

Mrs Curtis left 7 July. Paid £1 for 2 weeks, £1 still owing.

Message of thanks received from Florence Brown.

Henry Teagle assessed at 15/- a week. £3 paid at once for him by Miss Guise.

Matron asked for a curtain to screen the bathroom door.

Re S Wilshire: Letter to be sent to Standish House asking how soon he could be admitted, as his room is wanted here.

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