Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Sylvia O’Neill, 4 Balaklava Rd, Fishponds, admitted 15 June at 30/- a week.

Mrs Clematis Hooper discharged 11 June.

Miss Temperance Skinner discharged 16 June.

EM Bald.

Monday 2 July 1934 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Bowen, Mr Crossman, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Lys, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler.

Dr Hubbard’s name to be added to the Hon Medical Staff.

It was decided to accept the Vouchers, under Capt Burcher’s Hospital Savings Association Scheme and that a portion of the payment should be handed over to the Doctors, the amount to be determined later.

The new Cook apparently gives satisfaction.

Mrs William Palmer of Winterbourne Down admitted 30 June at 21/- a week.

Mrs Sylvia O’Neill discharged 27 June.

Donald Skidmore discharged 23 June.

Gordon Richardson discharged 23 June.

Brenda Petrie discharged 30 June.

Alice Pigram discharged 2 July.

A sub-committee was formed to deal with the Linen Guild. Mrs Skelton chairman, & Mrs Lys, with power to co-opt.

Mrs Guest given permission to pay the remainder of the Builder’s account amounting to £64/11/6, and Mr Denning’s fee of £72/12/-.

Matron to be asked to have some outside blinds put up on the outside of the west windows of the women’s ward, “Clucks” were suggested.

EM Bald.

16 July 1934 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Guest, Miss Guise, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler, Mrs Harding, Mrs Lys, Mrs Crossman.

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