Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Ada Baker discharged 30 May.

The present Cook, who is not satisfactory, is leaving. Matron may offer £45 if necessary [to a new applicant].

Mrs Harding kindly asked permission to organise a flag day & a Melody Band procession on 18 August. Agreed.

Capt Burcher explained details of the Hospital Savings Association, which were very interesting. It was decided to go into the matter thoroughly from all points of view including the doctors’, and not to decide on anything hurriedly.

EM Bald.

18 June 1934 Rev EM Bald, Dr Crossman, Dr Alice Crossman, Mrs Harding, Mrs Lys, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler, Mrs Bowen.

Dr Crossman desired that for the purposes of future identification, married women’s name should have their husbands’ Christian names on the case sheets.

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